PUC Commissioner Gary Hanson announces this term is his last

From an article in the Argus Leader, PUC Commissioner Gary Hanson has announced that his current term is his last:

Gary Hanson had been attending to the affairs of his father, as well as his duties on the PUC, this summer.

Next year will mark his 20th year on the PUC, having won a new six-year term in 2020. And when that term is over, Hanson said he is done with political office.


All told, Hanson has run in 18 elections, including primaries, runoffs and general elections. He hasn’t lost one of them.

“Politics is my life,” he says.

Read the entire article here.

I’ve said before that 2026 is going to be the biggest year in politics that we’ve seen in a decade or two, and that continues to hold true.

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  1. Gary was a good public servant. But, did anyone know just how much of a cray-cray he is, after the last year?!

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