State Rep. Taffy Howard announcing for Congress… And signs on to letter calling for 2020 election to be de-certified.

It looks like Taffy Howard is having a busy day. First, it looks like she’s done ‘exploring’ her run for congress, considering how ridiculous the exploring was in the first place when she was running the whole time:

And, according to one twitter source, Taffy also just singed on to a letter demanding a do-over for the 2020 election, which demands a forensic audit of the results of all 50 states:

“We have come to the conclusion that all 50 states need to be forensically audited. Voter rolls should be scrubbed with a canvass of the voters to ensure future integrity of our elections”

“We call on each state to decertify its electors where is has been shown the elections were certified prematurely and inaccurately”

Yeah.. kind of like trying to make someone un-pregnant after the baby is nearly a year old. It just isn’t a timely effort.

9 thoughts on “State Rep. Taffy Howard announcing for Congress… And signs on to letter calling for 2020 election to be de-certified.”

  1. The Trump cult is beyond reason. The “forensic audit” she wants for every state has been completed in the most likely state to find fraud. It INCREASED Biden’s win. She totally dismissed it. Trump has them convinced of fraud without ANY evidence. That’s a cult.

    1. Believing Biden is not incompetent and that the Democrat/Socialist/Communist party is anything other than evil is a cult. If you think the country is better off under Biteme and Kommielaw then you are un-American.

  2. Is there a single Secretary of State that agrees with Taffy, and believes that their own state needs yet another audit?

    1. Wait. Perhaps theTexas SOS call for an audit shortly after Trump nagged the Governor to do so. Exactly the kind of resolve you want in a Secretary of State. Ugh.

  3. We know the election wasn’t legitimate, the theft of which designed with contingency after contingency.

    We’re finding out what it means to freely associate and be self governed.

    The next time Trump can be on the ballot is 2022. After that, as I understand constitutional law, Trump can have 10 years for not completing more than 2 years on a second term.

    The constitutional remedy I would pursue is to de-certify the election on or around February 5th, 2023 after a Supreme court decision to put Trump and Biden back on the ballot (even if Biden is dead or declared invalid by then).

    We caught them in widespread theft.

    They knew we would. We knew we would.

    It was always going to be either total or pyrrhic victory.

    One theory that stands the kind of sordid credulity of the day: The only way for the good guys to win was to throw the legal defense, which Jenna Ellis did, wait it out, and intentionally break the contract with inter-sectional feminists who would stand ready to whitewash from history the “how” of the first Mad’am President.

    Hilary failed.

    It enraged them beyond belief.

    Her Dominion-fueled presidency would have more easily hidden the theft.

    Now, every method has been exposed.

    Of pyrrhic, the patriots victory will be absolute.

    In my view, we need to hope that poor old abused man can make it till February 2022.

    For these terrible people, murdering him would be as simple and easy as buttering toast, and they’ll do it in a heartbeat to complete their wicked covenant.

    At least, that’s the theory anyway.

    1. Look at what Biden has done-the national Democrat (socialist/communist) party, everyone. Coming for your freedoms very soon.

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