Rapid City Church Pastor files to run for District 35 State Senate

Another name has been thrown in the political arena, this time for District 35 as the pastor of the Calvary Chapel Church in Rapid City has filed a statement of organization to run for District 35 State Senate:

Greg Blanc Sdcfdisclosure by Pat Powers on Scribd

Greg Blanc has filed paperwork to run for the State Legislative seat which is currently up for appointment by Governor Kristi Noem, as a result of the unfortunate resignation of Senator Jessica Castleberry.

Blanc, notes in his church bio that he’s a native of California.  No official announcement has been made at this time.

5 thoughts on “Rapid City Church Pastor files to run for District 35 State Senate”

  1. Just as I feared. Californians who couldn’t even control their own state come here and expect to run our state. Go home and clean up your own mess.

  2. I pray he moves home and figures it out, WE DON’T WANT YOU PEOPLE HERE. There are 4th, 5th, 6th generation South Dakotans who won’t run because they don’t want to deal with the headache being created by these nonces. Go back to California and STAY OUT OF OUR POLITICS. What works here works BECAUSE NONE OF YOU WERE AROUND TO MESS IT UP. Go bake a pie for a fundraiser and put in the work like the rest of us first, and pastors should NOT run for politics. Churches SHOULD NOT MIX WITH POLITICS, that’s how we get all the goofs.

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