Release – FACT CHECK: Not Slander When True

FACT CHECK: Not Slander When True

Friends of Marty Jackley claim that saying government lawyer Marty Jackley delayed EB-5 charges, withheld critical information during the investigation, and let Pierre insiders off the hook is slander. But “slander” is, by definition, the “utterance of false charges,” and none of these charges are false.

Ironically, however, the ad makes a series of false attacks on Kristi Noem.

CHECK THE RECORD: Kristi Noem pushed for passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

CHECK THE RECORD: Kristi Noem got more than $6 trillion of spending cuts passed through the House.

CHECK THE RECORD: In addition to gutting Obamacare through tax reform, Kristi Noem pushed a full repeal of Obamacare through the House. It’s not accurate to blame Noem and the House for the Senate’s failings.

THE KICKER: While trying to levy a false attack on Noem’s accomplishments, Friends of Marty Jackley feature pictures of Noem touting President Trump’s historic tax cuts plan, which was a promise made and a promise kept.

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  1. The buck stops with the governor.

    Kristi doesnt understand that passing a bill in the House does not make it law. It does not make it reality.

    Thank you for highlighting the fact that none of this is law. It’s all platitudes. It’s all rhetoric. None of it has actually been accomplished.

    Marty better point that out because he is right and whe just made his point.

    1. It would be nice if Kristi could wave her magic wand and $6 trillion was cut but the reality is she didn’t accomplish this and make it law.

    2. On the flip, Marty Jackley has never had to cast a vote for or against anything. All just “I support this” or “I oppose that”. Never had to actually vote on anything. Easy to criticize stuff he’s even supported like corrections reform when his name isn’t on a vote.

      Seems like MJ wants to run for Congress and not Governor. Yes — the buck stops with the Governor or will he continue to blame DC for the next 8 years? Good grief.

  2. “Touting President Trumps tax cuts” is such a Kristi Noem thing it hurts. Nothing screams leadership like using someone else’s accomplishments to boost your profile.

    1. She wrote the tax reform bill. That is just as much of an accomplishment for her as it is President Trump’s.

      1. No, she didn’t. She was assigned to the committee to raise her profile and help her to be more competitive in her race for Governor. She had next to no say over what was actually included in the bill.

    2. Marty should ask tapio if Kristi showed up to any rallies for trump when he asked her to go.

  3. Republican president, Republican Senate, Republican house. Obamacare still there.

    Governors dont get to take votes, not accomplish promises and still take credit for voting. Governors lead.

  4. This goes to my frustration.

    Kristi Noem has been a good and effective member of Congress.

    Marty Jackley has been a good and effective Attorney General.

    I’m grateful and thankful for both’s service.

    Too much effort is spent denigrating their opponents prior effective service and too little describing what they actually intend to do as Governor.

    1. Where will each go if they are not elected governor? When this started, I liked both, but didn’t want to lose either in their current role. I don’t watch TV, but do get adds in the mail and check in on DWC occasionally. At this point I’m leaning towards Kristi (mainly due to Jackley’s followers here, reminders about the lawsuit, EB5, etc), but I could probably live with either.

      I’d hate to lose the service of the one who loses though. Has either stated a contingency plan, or is that just not done?

  5. Wow. Marty brought a pea shooter to a knife fight! Noem’s ad is brutal and Marty’s ad is pretty weak. Hopefully they have something more potent in the can, otherwise this race is over.

  6. “Pushed”, “passed the House”, “voted to”, are all akin to “I gave it the ol college try.”

    Debt up.
    Deficit up.
    Obamacare in place.
    Farm bill.
    EB5 (since Kristi brought it up)

    All a mess. All federal. Noem “Trying” is a fail.

    1. and you think Marty would have done better after his record as AG? I think not.

      1. Marty didn’t run on Booker’s $40,000 debt. Booker’s debt tops $60,000 after she’s been in DC for 8 years. That’s Noem’s scorecard, nobody else’s.

  7. When Congress passes something Noem takes full credit. When something fails to pass there is nothing she can do about it. She can’t have it both ways.

  8. Ignoramuses. Learn how Congress works. All on a person can do is cast their vote and hope for the best, they can’t will things into existence. Look at the actual voting records, Kristi has fought for everything she promised and voted accordingly. She did her job. What’s Marty’s record look like? He doesn’t have one? Must be real easy to throw stones at one person for failing to accomplish a task that requires the majority of people in office to achieve. Why is Marty even running for Governor? The man is hardly qualified to run for congress.

    1. If I’m Marty I just say:

      Republican Congress, Republican Senate, Republican president.

      We still have Obamacare, no wall, debt is now $60k instead of $40k 8 years ago when you ran.

      8 years of inaction. Thank God President Trump got elected because he gets things done.

    2. All 5 bills of the Attorney Generals legislative package passed the legislature this past year. That is 2 and a half times more legislation than Noem has passed in 8 years, and he did it in 1/8th the time.

    1. As much as can be expected as the lone congress-member from a tiny (EC) state? What you you have had her do different or better?

      Unfortunately, I can imagine a lot I would have preferred for Marty to do (or not do) different.

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