Hubbel keeps talking about being Governor. Is she getting ready to switch parties again?

Revisiting the department of “people who should never be elected to anything because they’re awful human beings,” Lora Hubbel is dusting off her tin-foil hat and continues to talk about what she’s going to do if she is Governor.

A race she dropped out of at the end of March when she couldn’t talk enough people into signing her petitions.

While – as usual – Lora opens her usual trash-bags full of squirrel food, she keeps talking about things in the context of being Governor. She’s not talking about “when she’s State Senator,” the office that she’s actually running for in the GOP Primary, but Governor, the GOP Primary race she abandoned  when she failed to collect enough signatures in March.

Despite not making the GOP ballot, Hubbel has also maintained her facebook presence as a candidate for Governor.  AND she has yet to terminate her “Lora Hubbel for Governor” campaign committee, while at the same time reporting she’s neither raised or spent any money in the campaign for state senate.   There has been far more activity on the Gubernatorial campaign than in her Senate campaign which has only 1 week to go.

There’s too much coincidence here to ignore. If she’s going to run, there’s one way Lora could be involved in a Gubernatorial race this year.  And there’s previous precedent for it.

Coming off of her absolute loss for Governor to Dennis Daugaard in the 2014 GOP Primary, Lora abandoned the SDGOP after the State Republican Convention, and signed on to Independent Candidate Mike Myers’ campaign as his Lieutenant Governor. After that race, she joined and became chair of the Constitution Party.

Both the Constitution Party and Libertarian Parties have upcoming party conventions, where as a a result of a recent court decision and subsequent legislation, these “third party” groups are able to nominate a candidate for Governor at their convention.

While both minor parties have candidates already, the Constitution Party candidate is Terry Lee LaFleur, who like Lora also failed to make the GOP ballot in March. Unlike Lora, he’s never served in elected office.  It would not come as much of a shock for Lora to switch back and rejoin the Constitution Party that she had chaired as recently as last year.

The Constitution Party State Convention is on Saturday, July 14th in Sioux Falls, coming after next week’s State Senate primary, where Hubbel is facing State Representative Wayne Steinhauer.  If I were a betting man, given the way she keeps talking about being Governor, I might be tempted to wager some money on the possibility that the opportunistic Hubbel might roll the dice, and do another party switch after losing the State Senate contest.

What do you think? Are her continuing efforts in running for Governor, while at the same time ignoring the State Senate race, a tip off that she’s going to abandon the GOP again?

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16 thoughts on “Hubbel keeps talking about being Governor. Is she getting ready to switch parties again?”

  1. The only thing Hubbel will ever be Governor of is the TIN FOIL HAT SOCIETY!

  2. The party needs to BAN anyone who leaves it and then runs against it under another banner for a term of years….it is too easy for her to jump back and forth and quite frankly a mockery to the process.

    1. You’re funny;) I can see you’re all for freedom and liberty as well.

      Didn’t a top SDGOP official change their party registration from Democrat to Republican? I think the previous SF mayor changed from Democrat to Indy.

      So what if people change affiliation, change can be a good thing. I’d be a registered Independent, but then I can’t vote in the Republican primary. I want to vote in the primary so I chose the platform I most align with. Many SD elected Republicans, via voting records, are lying about representing the party they run on. Should we BAN them too? Always choose freedom, always.

      1. I am— freedom from crazy people….she isn’t doing it for principles, she is doing it for her own selfish opportunity.

        1. No, you’re not;) Why shouldn’t she be allowed the freedom to choose her reasons for why she’s doing it? And, how do you know her reasons, you can read her mind? Why do you want to control her? If she bothers you, stay away.

          It’s like the smoking or soda tax, why do we need to try and control people? Shouldn’t they have the freedom to choose to make bad decisions? Always choose freedom, always.

          1. I know I am a Republican. Leave the party to run against it, 100% your choice that is fine…but don’t expect to be welcomed with open arms when you want to come back…..

            She can choose but the party should also be able to have the ability to choose and say no you are not running on our line if you keep attacking the very organization you want to now be a part of.

      2. Tapio could be Lora’s running mate after he loses his primary over at the Constitutional Party unless you would like the LT slot. 🙂

        1. Tapio & Lora would switch over to the party that best represents their ideas.

      1. The facts have never been an impediment to Ms. Hubbel’s conspiracy theories.

  3. Lora’s craziness is very often a source of a chuckle as sane people couldn’t even imagine what she says.

    That said, I did get a chuckle at her reference to Noem, Jackley, and I presume might include Sutton as “horse whisperers” because it seems “raised on a ranch and a hat” is the South Dakota new “apple pie” image.

    1. Good luck trying to make sense of what she says…better man than I for trying 🙂

  4. Can we just put a childlock on the Capital so we can keep her out please?

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