Release: Statement from the Leaders of the Problem Solvers Caucus COVID-19 Working Group

Statement from the Leaders of the Problem Solvers Caucus COVID-19 Working Group 

Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chair Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5), Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chair Tom Reed (NY-23), Congressman Dusty Johnson (SD-AL), and Congressman Dean Phillips (MN-3)

“American families and America’s small businesses are hurting and cannot afford more delays — especially when a deal is within reach. The 25 Democrats and 25 Republicans of the Problem Solvers Caucus have already crafted a bipartisan framework for relief that has been widely supported, including by the Administration. We cannot overstate how important it is that leaders in both parties — along with the President — return to the table and agree on a package that will provide immediate relief to families and businesses. Inaction is not an option.”


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    1. Thank Queen Nancy for that. She wants to bail out pathetic Democrat bastions like New Yawk on the backs of the rest of the country. I guess some people are okay with that, but some of us aren’t, and our opinions are just as valid as those who support throwing money to the wolves.

  1. Well, if these Facebook hackers are principled it is grounded in ignorance and they only make them look like morons.

    The Democrats walked from the table by taking up their pork laden package making the work of this caucus moot.

    The Presidents response to walk away is his response to the Democrats.

    Anyone who doesn’t think the Preident isn’t involved in what is this caucus is doing mostly behind the scenes is just ignorant. Whether it be before the election, the next package will begin from the outline of this group and input from the President (which is going on).

    So, former Lawrence County voter, could you please either educate these people you are referencing or put their names on here so I know who these ignorant people are?

    1. Troy is right. It was the President two months ago who asked this group and Dusty to squeeze
      the speaker by proposing a bipartisan plan that made hers look bloated. Trump endorsed this group’s proposal within hours of its release. Dusty, POTUS, and the problem solvers have been closely coordinated since the start.

    2. Troy, as Ron White said, “You can’t fix stupid”. People that believe it is the fault of the Republicans because the Democrats are soooooooooo willing to compromise are just partisan and unwilling to look at anything outside their left-wing, CNN, MSNBC, Hollywood world. Nancy Pelosi is one of the worst human beings in the world, though with the revelations about Hillary, Obama, and Brennan’s shenanigans, Nancy is getting a run for her money.

  2. If Pelosi really cared about the people, she would have agreed to a plan that does just that. But no, she wants spending that has nothing to do with covid relief, and the president had enough and said no. Thank you, Mr. President.

  3. President Trump has tweeted that he would sign a stand alone bill for $1200 for each person. He also said he would sign a $25 billion bill for airline payroll relief. He also said he would sign a bill for $135 billion payroll protection. So, the ball is in Pelosi’s court. He backed away from a bad deal that the Democrats refused to bargain in good faith. They have the chance to get what can be got and help the American people or go home and tell their constituents they refused to help them. Nice job of putting them in a corner.

  4. What’s hilarious is all of you who actually think Trump is good at negotiations. He’s not. In fact, he’s done this many times before while failing.

    Remember when he proudly took ownership of a govt shutdown? Then, he crawled back to the negotiation table and conceded on every point?

    He is terrible at this and he always has been because he is pathologically unable to not be. He’s easily manipulated because he can’t think past immediate gratification. He’s literally unable to take a small strategic loss in order to win later. He makes bad decisions because it makes him feel powerful in the moment and that’s all that matters to him.

    He doesn’t like being in a position where he has no leverage (ie: “you’ll have to pass something here or you’ll lose whatever small chance you have at reelection”) so he makes the one “power move” he thinks he has: blowing everything up. Then, he tries to put it back together and eats crap every time.

    Last time this happened, the democrats offered him 25 billion for his wall in exchange to protect DACA. Everyone was on board. Trump said “No Deal!” at the last minute- not enough for the wall and he didn’t want to concede DACA.

    Fast forward a bit and Trump caves. The supreme court protects DACA and Trump gets nothing for his wall but takes a hit on his popularity. He spent all of his chips on an obvious bluff and then lost everything for no reason.

    He’s just not good at this.

    Venezuela signed an unprecedented two year trade deal with China for ag products. How is that trade war going with record farm welfare while Trump is in office?

    He is anything but a deal maker and proves it time and time again.

    1. Trump got his wall.

      Tump is still winning against China.

      Grain prices have more to do with oversupply than China.

      I can go on and on.

      Americans don’t want to bail out the blue States and Cities who spend more than they have.

      Let’s discuss where SD ranks in unfunded liabilities compared to other States.

      I frankly don’t want any more stimulus done. The Country can’t afford it.

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