Release: Washington Fails South Dakota on Internet Sales Tax Fix—Again

Washington Fails South Dakota on Internet Sales Tax Fix—Again

PIERRE, SD: Efforts by Attorney General Marty Jackley, the South Dakota Legislature and state businesses to bring fairness to Main Street are more important now than ever following Washington’s inability to provide a fix on the question of internet sales tax.

The repeated failure to solve the problem is garnering national attention.

“Washington’s omnibus budget deal supported by Congress contained 2,232 pages and $1.3 trillion in spending but no solution for the problem that states have been facing for 26 years,” Jackley said. “That’s why here in South Dakota, we’re taking the matter into our own hands and leading where Washington will not.”

Jackley has been joined in the South Dakota v. Wayfair case by the Trump administration more than 40 other state attorneys general. The president’s solicitor general will sit next to Jackley when he argues the case before the United States Supreme Court on April 17.

Conservatives were just three votes short of defeating the omnibus bill during a procedural vote held Thursday morning.


11 thoughts on “Release: Washington Fails South Dakota on Internet Sales Tax Fix—Again”

  1. It’s interesting that Jackley is willing to rub salt in the wound here, but won’t go for the jugular. Otherwise the headline would be “Noem fails” instead of “Washington fails.”

    Noem probably made a mistake putting so much emphasis on this last push to get an online sales bill passed. She already has a strong record on pushing for this bill, and she can blame dysfunction in DC for the fact that it hasn’t happened.

    She really set herself up to fail, because it was always very unlikely that she would get this bill passed on the timeline she discussed.

    Jackley, meanwhile, is almost in a can’t-lose situation. He gets to argue before the US Supreme Court in April and gets to keep talking about the state’s effort to overturn the earlier ruling. But, the Supreme Court almost certainly won’t rule until after the primary election, so Jackley has very little risk of a “loss.”

    1. I agree. Noem will go for the jugular.

      Jackley better go for the jugular when he can because he won’t win otherwise. People want straight talk not minced words rubbing salt in the wounds. Just flat out be blunt. BLUNT! Be like Janklow and say what you mean.

      It looks gutless when the campaign can’t say her name.

      Jackley should just come right out and say he voted for her for Congress 4 times. She’s been an ok congressperson but this is why she’s not equipped to govern. She doesn’t deliver results.

      1. The Kaiser sexual harassment hit is coming. She will smear Jackley and wont care.

  2. wait a dang minute. i just followed the nebraska unicameral’s effort to pass their own online sales tax bill, and it was rejected by the majority because nobody wants to get ahead of the u-s supreme court hearing the case and handing down a decision on the matter. this is just free-form political riffing, masquerading as a true conflict, until the court matter is taken care of.

  3. Jackley needs to call a spade a spade. Janklow style.

    Her name is Kristi. It’s five letters and two syllables. If that is too hard to say then Noem is 4 letters and one syllable. Unless you say the E in NoEm as some do them it’s a two syllable word but you’d sound like an idiot.

    Either way call a spade a spade. Say it to her face that she failed or else there are two problems.

    1. It looks weak. Gutless. She thinks your afraid to bring it on policy.

    2. No one lives in this bubble and knows what the heck your implying in this read.

    1. the attacker always looks weaker but trying harder. if you are in fact leading its best not to rock the boat before you have to.

  4. Looks like Kristi is going to throw a Hail Mary, use a discharge petition in the House to force a vote.

  5. Isn’t that why Noem voted against the spending bill, because her amendment to reform sales tax collections across state lines failed?…. And if your lawsuit is such a great or better idea, then why is the absence of her failed amendment worth mentioning?

  6. Jackley is going to tank at the Supreme Court. Sorry Marty, the justices won’t give two craps about your short shorts

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