Release – West River Ranchers Back Noem in new web video

“South Dakota’s had a lot of good governors. Kristi has the potential to be a great governor.”

Rapid City, S.D. – West River ranchers today endorsed Kristi Noem for Governor in a new web video. The video features Kalie and Conrad Kjerstad, who farm near Wall, as well as Union Center rancher Larry Rhoden, who serves as the Majority Whip in the state House, and his wife Sandy. A lifelong farmer and rancher, Noem grew up in rural Hamlin County. After her dad died in a grain bin accident, Noem put her pursuit of a college degree on hold, returned to the farm and ranch full-time, and helped stabilize the operation. Noem was named the South Dakota Outstanding Young Farmer in 1997.

“She’s a rancher, farmer, mom and wife,” said Sandy Rhoden. “She can’t fake that. I think that’s very exciting to think about having a governor who has those characteristics.”

“It would be great to have someone in the governor’s office that has done farming and ranching, because they know what the struggles are like and know what needs to be implemented to help them out,” said Kalie Kjerstad.

“It’s kind of nice to have someone with that kind of experience to relate to,” said Conrad Kjerstad. “She sure seems she’d have a great voice for agriculture that would affect everybody.”

“She has the understanding of what it takes to make a living – an understanding of the negative impact of government regulations on small businesses and agriculture,” said Larry Rhoden. “I think we’ve had a string of good governors in our state. I think Kristi has the potential to be a great governor.”

13 thoughts on “Release – West River Ranchers Back Noem in new web video”

    1. I think they are leading him on. He will be sec of AG if they make it that far. And it looks like a big if.

      Her videos are much better than Jackley’s. Unfortunately.

      1. As a cinematographer by trade many moons ago before retiring back to SD I feel the exact opposite. The Jackley ads are much more carefully lit and obviously shot with better lenses anyway. No comment on the content.

  1. Larry Rhoden. “I think we’ve had a string of good governors in our state. I think Kristi has the potential to be a great governor.”

    I appreciate that Kristi’s team isn’t shy about the shortcomings of the current administration. It’s something Jackley could step up on.

    1. She is close with the president but doesn’t pull punches when defending SD. Just last week she grilled two different administration economic officials about how tariffs will hurt SD farmers. She looks out for SD, whether it means taking on Dems OR Reps.

  2. Larry has a good point in the fact that she has mostly worked in the private sector as a business owner and farmer and has first hand experience with government regulations. A stark contrast to Marty’s government employment.

  3. I’d like to know how much Kristi actually did. She has brothers. Didn’t they do anything around the farm, or did they need Kristi to show them how?

  4. Such a great video. Marty can’t compete against someone with the ag background Kristi has. Kristi has always been excellent for ranchers and farmers, whether it’s negotiating a farm bill, personally writing tax reform, or defending the agriculture community against tariffs. She’s the real deal.

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