Republican Dennis Krull Announces for District 30 House of Representatives

Republican Dennis Krull Announces for District 30 House of Representatives

After deliberate consideration I, Dennis Krull, Republican from Hill City, SD would like to announce my intention to run for the District 30 House of Representatives.

My wife Kim and I have owned and operated Krull’s market in Hill City since 1992, retiring from that business in 2012.  We also had stores for a time in Armour and Wall SD.   I believe in supporting and giving back to the community in which I reside.    Accordingly, I have been on the Hill City VFD for 25 plus years. Prior to that I was with the Armour VFD for 12 years.   I also served on the HC Fire District Board, have served as President and member with the Hill City Economic Development Board as well as the Business Improvement District Board.   My college degrees are in Business and Education, and I have spent my career involved in these areas.

I was elected to the Hill City School board in 2015 and after two re-elections am currently serving as President of that board.

My wife Kim and I have been married for 44 years and have raised a beautiful family that we are very proud of.  We are enjoying watching our grandchildren grow up in the very community we call home.

I believe that our government is in place to exercise the stated will of the people they serve.  “The government should do for people only what they cannot do better by themselves and no more.”  Abraham Lincoln     I will be a voice for responsible spending and moral/Christian values.  I will strive to do what is fair and right for all the people of SD, not just those supporting special interests.   I firmly believe in accountable, transparent, and approachable leadership.

I would be pleased to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Please feel free to contact me at:
Dennis Krull – Email [email protected]

6 thoughts on “Republican Dennis Krull Announces for District 30 House of Representatives”

  1. Dennis is the complete package. He’s knowledgeable, considerate and has the best interest of his constituents at heart. District 30 is in good hands.

    1. Right on Bob. Won’t it be refreshing to have someone represent us who has common sense & and isn’t a back stabbing liar with a personal agenda .

  2. So excited for this! Talk about the best representation from someone who has the best interest of our community!

  3. If anyone deserves this, it’s this man right here! He stands for great Christian values and will be a great voice for our people! He makes me so proud to call him my grandpa and more importantly, the rock of our whole family! Go Grandpa Go!

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