Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate Taneeza Islam raises campaign funds from Michigan on 3-1 basis in latest finance report

The tagline for Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate Taneeza Islam declares that her campaign “is powered by grassroots supporters.”

But if you look at her campaign finance report filed this last week, it appears that the grassroots supporters she’s talking about are in Michigan, where she has received nearly 70% of her campaign funding, according to her latest campaign finance report:

1_5_2022_ Taneeza for Sioux Falls Campaign Finance Disclosure Report Taneeza Islam by Pat Powers on Scribd

According to records filed by Mayoral Candidate Taneeza Islam with the Sioux Falls city clerk, ignoring the 10k she reported putting into her own race, of the itemized $55.685.37 she reported (Contributions from individuals + entities), Only 23% ($12,657.08) comes from within South Dakota.

However, a staggering 69% of that total ($38,300) comes from Michigan, with assorted minor dollar amounts coming from Minnesota, California, etc.

Literally, for every dollar she raised from Sioux Falls and surrounding areas, Taneeza raised three in Michigan, primarily from the Saginaw, Michigan area where ten of her $1000 donors hail from, with others from Freeland, Bay City, Ortonville, and Port Huron, Michigan.

In comparison, her opponent and current Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken raised $80,682 in the most recent campaign finance report, and there were only 5 donors from out of state, totaling $3,881.95 or about 5% of the donation in his report.

Stay tuned.

11 thoughts on “Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate Taneeza Islam raises campaign funds from Michigan on 3-1 basis in latest finance report”

  1. I don’t expect or demand my candidate list 100% SD donors. Nearly everyone has out-of-state friends, family, and supporters. Relatives, college roommates, and co-workers move away but stay close. Especially in the social media age, popular leaders tend to grow broad networks. But when 70% of donations originate from out of state, e.g. Michigan, that’s a warning flag. I don’t want Sioux Falls to become Detroit or Flint. Inevitably, our state will grow – but we need to walk a thoughtful, gradual path. And it’s not just Michigan. We can’t afford to replicate the disastrous governance of Minneapolis, Chicago, and other crime-filled cities. There’s a reason fed-up small business owners are relocating to SD.

    In response to anonymous: If 70% of Kristi Noem’s donations came from another state, especially one with terrible inflation and spiking crime, that would concern me, too.

    1. Would also like add….if Governor Noem had 70% of her money coming from out of state, the little fellow from Lincoln with a very unhealthy infatuation with the Governor would have been blasting it on his propaganda blog.

    2. None of the donations came from Detroit or Flint so why would SF “turn into” those cities?

      I’m curious, if you took the report with the most out of state donations to Noem, what would that percentage would be?

  2. Devil’s advocate here. All these Blue and red state refugees moving to South Dakota. If they run for office they could get those they know and knew in those states they fled to donate.

  3. 70 % or more of the thanks should be given to John Thune, the open border advocate American’s for Prosperity and Luthern Social Services.

    1. Am I reading this note @Anonymous?
      Why is Lutheran Social Services fit in with the other two groups?

      Please clarify?

  4. Well well it looks like Joe Sneve did the work for us –

    “But it’s not just politicians from out-of-state sending support to the Noem campaign. Of the 1,375 individual contributors listed in the campaign filing who donated a total of $603,224, more than 80% were from people residing outside of South Dakota. Money from South Dakotans made up about 30% of those contributions, according to the campaign finance report.”

    You were saying?

  5. This is very odd. It isn’t just that her support is 70% out of state – it is 70% from another particular place. I honestly don’t know – did she used to live in Michigan or something? Is this family and friends? Just begs for further explanation.

    Thune and Noem – you can like their fundraising or not, but at least it has a plausible explanation. They are national figures with national fundraising bases. If 70% of John Thune’s money was coming from Plano, Texas it would also be an eyebrow-raiser.

    1. Islam was born in Detroit and raised in Bay City, Mich., where her father is a surgeon. The family moved to America from Bangladesh. So, yeah, family and friends are in the mitten state, but you’d think she’d have more donations nearby after nearly 10 years in Sioux Falls on her own and several years in Minneapolis carrying water for the bigots at CAIR.

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