Sen. Mike Rounds notes that no evidence of fraud that would have changed outcome of election, Trump attacks Senator Rounds.

Senator Mike Rounds is apparently drawing fire from former President Trump after his statement to ABC News on Sunday.  As Rounds noted on ABC’s “This Week,” as reported by Politico:

“As a part of our due diligence, we looked at over 60 different accusations made in multiple states,” the South Dakota Republican said on ABC’s “This Week.“ “While there were some irregularities, there were none of the irregularities which would have risen to the point where they would have changed the vote outcome in a single state.“

He added: “The election was fair, as fair as we have seen.“

Looking toward the 2022 midterms, which could break the deadlock in what is now a 50-50 Senate, Rounds said Republicans must move past unfounded allegations that Trump was cheated out of a victory if they wish to prevail.

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This earned the ire of the former President who blasted Senator Rounds today, noting:

“Senator” Mike Rounds of the Great State of South Dakota just went woke on the Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020. He made a statement this weekend on ABC Fake News, that despite massive evidence to the contrary, including much of it pouring in from Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other states, he found the election to be ok—just fine. Is he crazy or just stupid? The numbers are conclusive, and the fraudulent and irregular votes are massive. The only reason he did this is because he got my endorsement and easily won his state in 2020, so now he thinks he has time, and those are the only ones, the weak, who will break away. Even though his election will not be coming up for 5 years, I will never endorse this jerk again.


The Radical Left Democrats and RINOS, like “Senator” Mike Rounds, do not make it easy for our Country to succeed. He is a weak and ineffective leader, and I hereby firmly pledge that he will never receive my Endorsement again!

Read the entire statement here.

Somehow, I don’t think President Trump’s endorsement had anything to do with Senator Rounds winning election here.  And let’s face it. The statement from former President Trump is more than a bit silly.

14 thoughts on “Sen. Mike Rounds notes that no evidence of fraud that would have changed outcome of election, Trump attacks Senator Rounds.”

  1. No matter how much contrary evidence is produced, Trump will just keep parroting the lie and his supporters will keep gobbling it up. Remember when John Dale incessantly posted about packet captures here? Then, Lindell’s event showed he had nothing, but John just moved the goalposts to different claims about election integrity. And the thing is, he’s not alone. This has been the tact for many people. The difference is: many don’t actually believe the claims but DO believe in the fundraising power it provides. But even scarier: many people, like John and Duggar, wholeheartedly believe the claims.

    More people need to speak out against what Trump is doing here, but many of our elected GOP officials continue to let it fester. We have to be better than this.

  2. Trump was most effective when he was fighting for ideas, and most of his ideas were good for the country. It was refreshing.

    Now he has become the Hillary Clinton of the republican party, forever focused on himself.

  3. The most important job for our congressional representatives is protecting the Constitution and our Democracy, way To many of each party put their re-election first.

  4. Serious question: Did Trump endorse Rounds in 2020, as he says he did? I don’t remember that at all.

    Trump seems to think that all Republicans are successful only because of him, when in fact Glenn Youngkin taught us in Virginia that a Republican can be successful – in fact, maybe MORE successful – by keeping Trump at a distance.

  5. The only thing worse than saying “I lost to Joe Biden” has to be saying “I let Joe Biden steal an election from me.”

  6. Rounds only won South Dakota because of Trump’s Endorsement?!?!?

    MIKE ROUNDS needed an endorsement?
    to win As a Republican?
    In South Dakota?

  7. Trump is looking more and more like a clown. I’ve never been a fan of the Donald because it’s always about him. The arrogance runs thick. Really hope our party comes up with a better candidate next time.

  8. Now your Repub dear leader is not happy with either of our senators. SOS Barnett is probably just barely off your dear leader’s radar. Is Noep the only SD politico dear leader likes? Like 2:24 says, he’s a clown. But keep following him. He hasn’t totally wrecked your party.

    1. This should tell you something about Noem then… nothing ever original and always on someone else’s coattails.

      Maybe it’s a good thing she turned him down to be his Secretary of Agriculture and instead picked Governor of South Dakota.

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