Republican Neal Tapio wavering on US House race?

Former State Senator Neal Tapio was the featured speaker at the monthly Minnehaha County meeting yesterday.

And if we’re to take anything from his comments he made at the podium, it sounds as if he may be skipping the US House race after earlier flirting with the idea of being a candidate:

Tapio indicates in his talk that he’s as he’s reached out to friends on colleagues, the response has been somewhat tepid in the face of needing to raise nearly one million to run, so he has not pulled the trigger on being a candidate.

Will he be in the race? It’s not sounding like that’s likely to happen from the tenor of his comments. .

Less than 60 days until petitions start rolling out.  Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Republican Neal Tapio wavering on US House race?”

      1. If you follow Lora and Neal on Facebook you will see the similarities. That’s why Tara is a fan of both,

  1. Be cool to actually have a viable contender against Dusty, no matter your opinion of Tapio himself.

  2. Good thing Kristi Noem and Mike Rounds didnt have Tapio’s obsession with money when they first ran.

    Sometimes you need to believe in yourself before others will.

  3. He is not disciplined. He needs to talk about the wall and one or two other issues that separate him from Dusty.

    His lack of discipline is why he lacks the support. You have no idea what he is going to be ranting about on a daily basis.

    He might be outspoken but it’s his inability to focus that makes him come off like a crazy uncle.

  4. Maybe he just lacks the support of political insiders? My guess is Tapio represents every person that loves America and President Trump and who agrees with Tucker Carlson.

    I remember the comments on this site claiming Tapio wouldn’t get 4% in the last election. Maybe if he actually asked me for money, I might give him some!

    1. If he doesn’t run Dusty gets 100% of primary vote. If he runs Dusty probably loses 35-45% of GOP voters in all future primaries. That alone should be worth it to Tapio. Just keeping the trump base home would help him if he were to run for an open seat in a very crowded primary for a future open seat.

  5. I think Trump is a little more worried about his own race than an automatic Republican winning in SD.

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