Rick Weible in with quotes of the day on conspiracy theories.

From today in the Dakota Scout:

“Transparency is the inoculation to conspiracy theories.”
– Rick Weible to the Minnehaha County Commission.

Also Rick Weible:

“The fact is that I’ve now shown you this piece of evidence, I understand that my life is at risk, and that the United States does not want this to be known.”
– Rick Weible, March 19, 2024 to the Brookings County Commission.

Rick must know that they’re watching him..

30 thoughts on “Rick Weible in with quotes of the day on conspiracy theories.”

  1. He may not believe it, but the feds are not interested in such a small fish. What a nutcase.

  2. The comments here reflect a profound misunderstanding of what was built with trillions of missing DOD dollars post 9/11.

    Everyone has been targeted .. an artificial life form is thought to be outside the scope and purview of our laws.

    It is capable of watching everyone, everything, in real time and making heuristics based judgement calls about when and why to raise flags.

    The vast majority of targeted people won’t know or have the opportunity to contest the results of these activities.

    It doesn’t matter what Rick says or does .. this will persist and those serving the system will continue making vapid excuses to the informed.

    1. Oh SHUT UP you self aggrandizing schizophrenic. Your shtick is tired and your programming skills are hot garbage. Go away.

    2. John are all the windows and nail holes in the wall covered? Is the rental you live in protected by a giant improvised Faraday cage? Do you have a radio on at all times to provide background noise to counter microphones that could be hidden?

    3. That is really neato, Mr. Dale. Intriguing as the dickens. Your idea fascinates me.

      Do you think, perhaps, that this “artificial life form” might just be watching not only Mr. Weible, but also Mr. Zitterich and perhaps even grudznick?

  3. I thought the Wobble quote was insightful. He creates and spreads a nutty theory, and then taxpayers need to spend money and do extra work – to inoculate the system from Rick Wobble’s fake theories!
    Or. He could move two miles east – back across the line to Minnesota
    In his short time in our state, voters have rejected him and his wife at ballot box, and the three counties that voted on his conspiracy all said NO THANKS.
    Please go home Rick

    1. As long as he moves east. If he moved to the western edge of south dakota, he would be a frontrunning candidate. Seriously, out there it is a contest to “out crazy” the next guy.

      1. I don’t think that most legislative races get random DC pacs to spend a bunch of money in South Dakota. That race had much less to do with Jake than it had to do with a bunch of DC money to avenge his father that never lost a legislative race. Jake is a good guy, and if he runs again, I will personally put money and sweat equity into his next race if he so chooses.

          1. Yes I guess South Dakotans and DC wants the schonbeck’s out of politics, we don’t blame them !

    2. Mr Weible with no almost money got 28% of the vote against Crabtree with all the pipeline money, in dist 8 senate race . Well done Mr Weible.

  4. Is this Trent Loos another extreme right media talking head? He has accused the Governor of North Dakota of lying about elections are secure there?

    1. sure. go ahead and google yourselves for fun. since you all missed trump making an instant
      crime organization where the gop used to be, i can’t expect that any of you will deep dive into 1. the unlimited powers handed to trump by scotus this week, or 2. the avalanch of data revealing trump’s ties to jeffrey epstein, in just-released
      grand jury filings, added to the stalled prosecutions for revealing top secret data,
      or oh yeah THE INSURRECTION.
      it has made maga happy to derive the sensations of power from gleefully allying with trump in spite of every danger sign. with the court ruling, the us constitution won’t protect average citizens ever again. a truckload of FAFO is coming to every house in america. it’s way worse than even john dale can conceive, so don’t abuse him please.

      1. enquirer, why don’t you do a deep dive yourself into the dictatorship of the POTUS who declared he had no use for the legislative branch of government when he said “I’ve got a phone and I’ve got a pen” and showed he had no use for the judicial branch of government when he ordered the executions of two US citizens, one of whom was a minor. He had them both killed in separate drone strikes and got away with it because they were on foreign soil. No prosecutors, lawyers, judges or juries required. All they had to do was leave the country. Anwar and Abdulrahman al-Awlaki were not good people, but if they had not gone to Yemen they would have been afforded due process.
        That same former POTUS is holding Joe Biden’s puppet strings.

        1. you sound like the code pinkos demanding dick cheney’s head on a platter for war crimes. your main delusions are twofold:
          1 – that obama is still running things. he is not – in fact most of any good things he did probably were put together by biden. obama and pelosi were wrong to act like they had one-party rule 2009-10 – maga exists because of those two years. biden should have run against trump in 2016 and would have beaten him right then. trump was lucky to face the villainesse frau clinton. biden won fair and square in 2020, and can do it again, as the non-maga world gets the full story on project 2025 and the epstein file’s “Doe-174” the identifier that replaces trump’s name in many places. the citizens of our european allies are better informed that u.s. citizens, and they don’t get to vote on a matter affecting the safety of the whole planet.
          this leads to your 2nd delusion – that the fun and empowerment felt from blind support/worship of trump like a herculean demigod, won’t cost you dearly once he gets what he wants. again, you FA, you FO as the kids say.
          biden has turned out to be the actual best president of my life, best of either party since the truman/eisenhower era. keep letting trump tell you its a jimmy carter nightmare, no one buys it. since the republican party is gone, i’m glad a dem president is a solid centrist. SO. call me delusional, give me the fox “fact” sheet, starting with the trumpian lie “well i never even watch fox, so there.” ha.

  5. After that spiel – why, Enquirer are you even on this website? It’s patently obvious which side you favor. I beg to differ. Since you state that Biden has been the best president in your life – how would you know whether there was a better presidency before you appeared on the planet? There were a few good presidencies. Read some bi-partisan history books. Sometimes you have solid things to say, others like the above – not so much. P.S. Can’t stand Trump but the nation, as a whole, needs to wake up. We, the big super power are in trouble with either current candidate.

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