SD Searchlight: Secretary of State urges voters to trust election officials

John Hult at South Dakota Searchlight has an article which came out today noting Secretary of State Monae Johnson is urging South Dakotans to trust election officials.  After an election where she might not have exactly walked that walk herself.

The South Dakota brochure is tied to an educational push from the National Association of Secretaries of State dubbed #TrustedInfo2024. The national website says the campaign is meant to bolster the importance of state-level election officials as “trusted sources of election information during the 2024 election cycle and beyond.”

Johnson’s news release includes a nod to her role as that information source in South Dakota.

“My number one job as Chief Election Officer is to ensure that we conduct fair and accurate elections for the citizens of South Dakota,” the release says. “Our office will continue to focus our resources on the protection of our election systems and overall election security.”


In South Dakota, Johnson’s rise to the state’s top election post was fueled in part by promises to protect elections. Her campaign materials leaned into election integrity language, citing opposition to voter fraud, online voting and online voter registration, and she refused to affirm the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election when questioned by reporters.

Read the entire story here.

It’s good to see that Secretary of State Johnson might be coming around to the realization that South Dakota isn’t exactly a hotbed of election fraud.

Now if she can only convince the people who literally ran her campaign & put her in office.

6 thoughts on “SD Searchlight: Secretary of State urges voters to trust election officials”

  1. LOL! She gets nominated and elected due to bogus distrust in elections and electoral officials and now comes out with this? What hypocrisy and lunacy. She should resign. Immediately.

  2. trump won sd fair and square in 2016 and 2020. i don’t see why the security of this state is in question by the trump legions.

  3. We had a righteous election in our state. Lots of people yelled fraud, but never showed any. I asked an election denier at state convention why he thought there was widespread fraud in SD, considering trump had a massive win here. His reply? If it was an honest election, the orange punkin would have won by over 90%.

    So the proof that there is fraud, is “because I say so.”

    Well, the world is flat, too; everyone says so.

    Einstein once said the only difference between genius and stupidity, is that genius has limits.

  4. I remember when she was asked, by a reporter, if she thought the elections in 2020 were legit and she declined to answer. Her body language and facial expression said she knew they were, but saying so out loud would have undermined her campaign.

    She dumped Dave Roetman immediately after the convention and that should have served as a warning to the Weibels.

    Her machiavellian tactics have worked so far but if she aims higher she might find herself without the volunteers she needs. The high turnover in her office suggests the people working closest to her are watching their own backs because they know she won’t.

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