SDGOP Central Committee rejects bylaw change on Delegates

This morning in the South Dakota Republican State central committee, the group rejected a proposed amendment to remove precinct committee people from participating in the state convention at this time.

Suprisingly, the group held off an any amendments to the precinct proposal, leaving the state’s republican party in the same position as it left the last convention, where concerns were raised over precinct people not representing the voters in their precincts, and not participating after convention.

This may drive further action by the state legislature, who is set to hear Senate Bill 40 in the near future, which is proposed to change how several statewide candidates are nominated for the November election by political parties.

The group did agree to consider further amendments at a later date, with several discussed at the meeting to be forwarded to the bylaws committee.

7 thoughts on “SDGOP Central Committee rejects bylaw change on Delegates”

    1. Nobody wants a primary campaign; they cost a lot of money and the candidates beat each other up so badly nobody wants to vote for any of them in the general election,
      But making future candidates for these offices go through that, letting them beat each other up instead of unleashing hordes of feral (and occasionally rabid) cats on conventions is starting to look pretty good..
      Both Rhoden and Jackley have experience in conducting primary campaigns without making their opponents unelectable, and showed class when they lost those campaigns, but Monae Johnson is untested.

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