SDGOP urges cancellation of upcoming county GOP events because of coronavirus

From Facebook, the South Dakota Republican Party has announced that they are urging that County GOP Organizations postpone all April and May events until after the coronavirus outbreak has been addressed:

That includes the 2020 Lincoln Day Dinners which had been previously scheduled.

12 thoughts on “SDGOP urges cancellation of upcoming county GOP events because of coronavirus”

  1. What?!

    Have they not consulted Dr. Troy on this? He is the only one who ACTUALLY knows what the CDC and Trump are saying here and he says we are overreacting bigly here!

  2. Smart and responsible move…and consistent with what our leaders are urging. It would sure look bad if Republicans were having big events across the state where the average age is over 60 and while the President is urging people to avoid groups over 10 people. It would be even worse if corona spread because of such an event- possibly killing people.

  3. Is this the same SDGOP that took the Argus Leader to task for suggesting these exact types of measures last week?

    1. LOL – Yeah. This aged like milk:

      “And coronavirus or not, people have rights under the constitution. And that any action that affects and limits people’s freedom of association and freedom of travel in our country has to be weighed against their rights?”

      So I guess “police states” are fine now because, golly! Who’d a thunk that a pandemic might spread like wildfire?

    2. Yep. These are the same Fox News viewers who hang on every word Hannity or Limbaugh pronounce, or Dear Leader Tweeter-in-chief spits out. Why up until the end of Feb Dear Leader was still saying this thing’s a hoax and would just “wash away,” and his Fox News toadies were calling it all hysteria up until last week.

      My how they’ve changed that tune.

      1. Why do you equate Trump with dictators when it’s the Democrats who are fond of total government control and no freedoms for the individual? Heck, you almost nominated a Castro-loving Commie as your Dem nominee. Seems silly, but that’s Dems for ya’.

        1. Meanwhile, Dear Leader believes and admires Putin more than our own Intelligence Community. Maybe that’s because Putin wanted to buy the top floor of a Trump Tower in Moscow, or lots of Russian oligarchs by condos in Trump properties.

          Like any autocrat this guy hates the press, expects us to believe whatever he and his minions tell us–this virus is a hoax, there will be a cure soon, I’ll show you my tax returns, etc.–and manages to make a lot of money from his office. He’s made millions staying at his properties and golfing while charging hundreds a night for Secret Service to stay there. Then his kids, making money hand over fist on his properties in Ireland, India, Turkey and China have the gall to question Hunter Biden’s involvement in Ukraine.

  4. Lederman literally said they should go sell papers in Russia or China. What a CLOWN. When is the apology press release?

    1. Never, he’ll just deny it, say it was a joke, or claim he meant something else.

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