SDSU has taken link to Drag Show event offline after attention drawn to it in our post yesterday

Now this is a new development.   The link at the South Dakota State University website that went to an announcement for a drag show at SDSU asking for $1 and $5 dollar bill tips while calling it “kid friendly” has gone from this…

to this:

Did someone finally figure out that maybe it wasn’t as “kid-friendly” as they would have liked to have thought?  A drag show with the performers begging for dollar bills might be fine for college-aged students, but it’s anything but “kid-friendly.”

I suspect the heat from all of the attention got higher-ups involved. And when they figured out that they’re probably going to have to explain why they think it’s appropriate for a public institution to host this kind of thing, not to mention calling it kid-friendly, to a legislative committee in a couple of months, the adults in the room gave it more thought than someone gave it in the first place.

10 thoughts on “SDSU has taken link to Drag Show event offline after attention drawn to it in our post yesterday”

  1. I might not bring my own kids to a drag show, but I do not need politicians telling me what I should do either. At home or at SDSU.

    Drag has been performed on television and in the movies for many decades. It’s nothing new. It isn’t “grooming”, as some suggest. Never has been.

    1. So, if it is so right and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this kind of show, then why is SDSU trying to hide it when they disabled the link? If it is completely innocent, then why not stand up for it? Why not leave the link functional? Or was it that all along they knew this wasn’t child appropriate and are being called out for it and can’t defend it?

      Or is DWC more influential than any of us thought?

        1. Behold the deflection tactic…anyone notice that the all-knowing smart-ass elk didn’t answer the simple questions…as usual?

    2. Elk at 3:27…

      Such a sheltered life you’ve led. Bathhouse culture demands constant recruiting, or grooming. Some gays are born that way. Others are made.

  2. Sometimes common sense does prevail. Hope they remain cognizant in the future. With the exception of lead wine cups, can anyone explain the societal value of drag performance to the edification of western civilization.

  3. It’s time for Alums to contact the university and speak with the termination of their donations to this institution. State universities are state funded and do not deserve the out of proportion liberal bent coaching of their professors & administration. Something is very wrong with a conservative state supporting liberal colleges. Get in line with your state, or get your funding from other sources.

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