SDSU quickly distancing themselves from the so-called “kid-friendly” drag show as SDSU President Barry Dunn issues statement.

The South Dakota State University administration is quietly shuffling away from the staging of the Drag Show scheduled for tomorrow on the SDSU Campus, as President Barry Dunn himself is disavowing the entire thing in a statement released this afternoon:

“We apologize for the miscommunication pertaining to the drag show in the University Student Union tomorrow night. The sponsor of this event is the Gender and Sexualities Alliance student organization, and not South Dakota State University or its Office of Multicultural Affairs. Registered student organizations are free to sponsor lawful events on campus in accordance with SDCL 13-53-52 and applicable policy.  This event is being put on by the GSA student group and not supported by university funds.”

Now, wait a moment…  It’s not being put on by the “Office of Multicultural Affairs?”  Well, that wasn’t the case last year as related by a story in the SDSU Collegian:

Sponsored by groups like the Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) and Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA), the drag show was part of RHPC’s “Back in Da Club” event series, both to offer more entertainment to students and to help OMA with some of their scheduled events.


GSA has put on their own drag shows in the past, usually with the support of OMA. This year is the first time a drag show has been hosted by a group other than GSA.

Read that story here.

So, last year the OMA sponsored it and now that this years’ event is gaining a little attention, there’s a hard disavowal from the administration?

I’m sensing a little last-minute spin.

13 thoughts on “SDSU quickly distancing themselves from the so-called “kid-friendly” drag show as SDSU President Barry Dunn issues statement.”

  1. I must be missing the correlation between university student union and not supported by university funds. A rather disingenuous statement in my opinion. Garbage in and garbage out seems an appropriate colloquialism.

  2. The school’s claim they do not condone or support the event is false. If you look at the announcement for the event, it specifically cites the Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs as the sponsor. Also, just because the students or student group has 1st Amendment right to put on such a program does not nean they have the right to use school property for the program. The school would have to agree to the use of school property for the event. In short, SDSU IS IN FACT SUPPORTING AND CONDONING THE EVENT both via sponsorship and use of school property.

  3. Sounds like SDSU students are having a “WOKE” event, hoping to bring the current state of American mass culture to the campus. There will be calls to ban this event and encouragement for SDSU students to crawl back into their bubble. It will be interesting to see if they do.

  4. This kind of event should never be allowed on any public-school campus. The organization can have their event off campus in a privately owned building, but make sure that nobody under the age of 21 is admitted. Allowing anyone under the age of 21 is sexual abuse of a minor. Our young people are being indoctrinated into perversion. How this was allowed in the past is mindboggling.
    What is next, drag queens allowed into elementary, middle and high schools?

    1. SD Senior at 8:32…

      RuPaul revues are already happening in local schools and libraries in other states. Given the aggressiveness of the drag queen cohort, my hunch is they’ve already been in touch with area colleges, public schools, and libraries offering their unique talents, and have probably been politely told “no” by most.

    2. SD Senior writes: “Allowing anyone under the age of 21 is sexual abuse of a minor.”

      OMG. That is funny. I suppose we should arrest every parent who allowed their teenager to watch Mrs. Doubtfire.

      1. You have got to be kidding! If you can’t see the difference between Mrs. Doubtfire and what goes on at drag shows you are truly…a dolt.

        1. Haha. Mrs. Doubtfire is literally a drag SHOW.

          What goes on at a drag show? You obviously have no idea. You are just trying to stir up the emotions of other folks… who have no idea.

  5. So, here is the problem: to disallow activities like this are basically to deny first amendment rights. Ugh. But, let’s not kid ourselves. This cultural garbage (I’m exercising my first amendment rights) is pervasive all throughout our public university campuses, both here in South Dakota and throughout the country. I wouldn’t send my children anywhere near a college campus.

    1. ~ to disallow activities like this are basically to deny first amendment rights. ~

      That is incorrect. The first amendment prohibits the government from stopping speech.

      SDSU is a school, not a governmental body.

      Using you logic, people can come into your home and spew stuff you don’t agree with or want.

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