Errors in county with hand-counted ballots caught by machine tabulator, which they were told not to use.

I don’t think you can make this stuff up.

In Tripp County, which was noted has having been the only county in the state which was silly enough to go back to hand tabulation, apparently had an error in the hand-count. One which was caught by the machine tabulators they were told they couldn’t use, leaving County Commissioners who ordered the hand count with egg on their face.

Tripp County officials were prepared to ask for a court order to reopen a ballot box to find the answer, but the question was resolved without one. The human error explanation for the mismatch, it turned out, was right there in the records from the vote tabulator – the machine that county commissioners had ordered Desersa not to use to tally the county’s official, reportable Election Day results.


“The machine caught it,” Desersa said. “To me, that shows that the machine is more accurate than humans.”

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13 thoughts on “Errors in county with hand-counted ballots caught by machine tabulator, which they were told not to use.”

  1. It does not follow that, because there were mistakes made by inexperienced people in a new process, we should use un-auditable computers to count our ballots.

    The thing about a hand count is that the accuracy is known and consistent.

    With machines, they vary from perfect to off by 50+%. It just depends on what software the machines are running.

    I’m sure all the non-software people are in denial about this, but that’s expected.

    If you could guarantee me that our lives won’t be affected by vote fraud in MI, WI, GA, ND, CO, AZ, CA, WA, OR, etc, then I wouldn’t really care.

    There is one reason and one reason only that one wouldn’t insist on hand-counting at the precincts – one wants to preserve the opportunity to cheat.

    Because I know we’re not lazy, and I know we’re willing to accept the small margin of error of hand counting, which would reduce with practice over time, and in the meantime we create some good, important information systems jobs in the united states (why let India, Russia, and China have all the fun?).

  2. Desersa is not good at logic.

    The premise that the machines can’t be hacked is a false premise, and hacking is the source of the errors in the machines. A properly calibrated scanning/voting machine will produce more accurate results, except when they don’t.

    But that’s tangential. It’s beside the point.

    The point is that the vote process must be auditable.

    What percentage of the “poll workers” or election officials understand how to audit a voting machine down to the logic circuits? How many of them understand how to audit a hand count?


    Talk to me about competence in cyber security when, instead of construction road crews, we’re graduating our high school students into EcE and computer manufacturing.

    Until then, I want the people working the election process .. to understand the election process!

    No more hand waiving .. we do not understand our voting machines to the point where we can audit them (even if the out of state company that runs our elections would allow us access to the encryption keys).

  3. How do we know the machine wasn’t off and the human count wasn’t accurate? I trust humans(if they are counted by both parties together) more than a machine. Maybe all elections should be hand counted first, THEN verified by a machine.

  4. John Dale–Wake up…yes, get Woke. At least in the instance of using the much more accurate machines rather than the primitive hand count, which is prone to every error known to man.

  5. This isn’t even a close call. The machine reads blackened dots. No bias and never misses (absent excessive humidity). Humans aren’t as perfect Recount boards confirm this EVERY time. Not debatable by people that believe in facts

  6. As I read it, the human error started in the Tripp county auditor’s office. The volunteers completed an accurate count for each precinct so who can fault them?

    I expected no funny business with the machines as there was ample notice of a handcount. Without the hand count in place, the machine count would have reported less votes in Colome precinct and the same number of votes more in Clearfield precinct. Numbers reported for each precinct on the SD SOS website would be inaccurate. The Tripp county totals reported would be accurate.

    While the machine can count accurately, when inaccurate information is submitted, it will deliver inaccurate results. This was demonstrated by the efforts of the volunteers who handcounted. Kudos to them and thank you!

  7. Hand Counts are more accurate, and we must get back to PAPER BALLOTS in all states, and ALL Reigstrations must be cut off in all States no less than 10 days prior any election. THere should be NO computer software involved i elections. AND we must elect DONALD TRUMP in 2024 to fix all of this.

    How does it sound, DUSTY JOHNSON is mentioned in a LAWSUIT being brought forth against CONGRESS related to January 6th, 2021, of which the claim is against Congress, and its attempt to commit treason vs the U.S Constitution the State Constitutions, as well as the people themselves, It highlights the 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, and 14th AMendments as the PEOPLE have the right to file grievances, and enforce their right to audit, and investigate ELECTIONS….case # 22-380

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