Sen. Julie Frye Mueller doubles down on employee harassment denials, claims Senate President Pro Tem wrote words, despite sworn testimony

There was a Republican Lincoln Day dinner in Fall River County last night, and if you think it was a run-of-the-mill affair, guess again. Because not only did it underline the divisions with some members of the far right and the Republican Party as a whole, it gave a preview of what we are going to see coming in the next election.

The featured speakers were Senator Tom Pischke, and Senator Julie Frye Mueller, who coincidentally have both been disinvited from attending the Republican Senate caucus because of their actions this last legislative session.

After Senator Pischke read his speech off, Frye Mueller got up and gave a fish story which I hadn’t heard to date:

“ you could see this was an orchestrated attempt.. and what Senator Schoenbeck.. and yes you’re watching.. and if you are good for you. His goal I believe was to have me hang my head and walk off the floor. And never come back. And that wasn’t going to happen. 

Because I believe he’s the one who made up those words, as that staffor didn’t say those words, and I didn’t say them either as in my kangaroo court I testified to.”

Watch that here at about 1:08 into the video.

Wait a moment.. was this the same Julie Frye Mueller who claimed in a lawsuit that in her speech with the employee was constitutionally protected?

In her lawsuit, Frye-Mueller argues that her conversation with the staffer was political speech protected by the First Amendment, and that her first-of-its-kind suspension came without due process.

Read that here..

Now, despite the legislative hearing with sworn testimony of the employee who related her version of conversation, and the written statement of the employee as part of her original complaint, now Frye Mueller has started to voice a ridiculous claim that Senator Schoenbeck actually authored it?

I have a feeling this is going to get sillier before the next legislative session is over.

Speaking of ridiculous and silly, there was a candidate announcement at the dinner as well.

Apparently, Mathew Monfore, who got disinvited from at least one reservation for claiming they worship false idols announced his candidacy for District 30 house.

Get ready for a long campaign.

35 thoughts on “Sen. Julie Frye Mueller doubles down on employee harassment denials, claims Senate President Pro Tem wrote words, despite sworn testimony”

    1. grudz old bean, the ballot box will have to be where the public speaks. i know “box” rhymes with “fox” but one is a whacky echo chamber, and the other is a hollow square-corner receptacle. we’ll see which is which.

  1. One of the political issues of the day is what defines a woman.

    Interesting angle that has efficacy.

    Why are we all so uncomfortable with natural female anatomy and infant nutrition, both important issues that I would like my representatives to get correct up-stream of law that our laws might better reflect biological normativity (I made this word up, but it has meaning in context, language is not fixed, but dynamic and fascinating and adaptable when it is set free)?

  2. Wow! Monfore will be lucky to get enough signatures to even qualify – a total loon! JFM, well….her version of the whole escapade seems to change every time the wind blows. They both need to get trounced and then go away forever. Pischke, on the other hand, isn’t worth the time of day nor the “ink” here.

  3. As of Sunday morning, Monfore does not have a campaign committee listed on the SOS website…

  4. It’s a tragic thing for Hot Springs which is poised for economic recovery and some feal growth,,,,finally. The Whack Jobs are bad for business, pure and simple.

  5. real recovery…sorry….always have liked Hot Springs and have felt it was really an undiscovered gem.

  6. Take a look at the Democratic Party! Keep calm and do good. Work to help Labor and those who need rather than exploiters, egomaniacs, and nuts. It’s obvious what unaccountable power has done to the SD republican party. It’s become a laughingstock and a weakness. The republican party and our governor embarrass us more than they help anyone…except themselves. Have coffee with a Democrat (you know you know one) and see what we’re up to.

    1. “Have coffee with a Democrat (you know you know one) and see what we’re up to.”

      Or…read a few posts on the DFP and that will tell you all you don’t want to know about the democrats.

    2. The commenters of that DFP blog do not represent South Dakota Democrats. We don’t claim them!

      1. Really? So when was the last time the SD democratic leadership posted on the DFP and told heidelberger and his fan club that their radical views do not represent the views of SD democrats? When was the last time SD democrat leadership called heidelberger out on the crap that he posts and the revolting things his fan club posts that he allows to stand on his blog? When was the last time SD democratic leadership reminded heidelberger that he is not even a resident of SD and he is doing nothing to help the SD democrat cause? When?

        As some people like to say, “Silence is approval.”

  7. Here’s the really odd part. The whole senate leadership met with Julie in my office. Pischke was there(at her request for moral support) and she admitted almost all of it, the rest she wanted to only tell her whip (the weird stuff she did on lactation). Pischke admonished her for her inappropriate behavior, in front of all of us.
    Next day, he’s standing by her at a press conference denying everything. There’s a reason nobody trusts these people. It’s a small state. You can’t behave and lie like that and expect it to be forgotten.
    I feel bad for the good people in Custer and falls river counties

    1. don’t expect honesty at this late date sir. you did well at the time. that’s the important thing.

      1. So here is the question with these folks, how do the elections shake out? We know Pischke has Youngberg to deal with, and without any of this that would be a hard race with Youngberg’s old district partially making up district 25 and him being born and raised in Dell Rapids. We know JFM gets challenged because of her lack of effectiveness and inappropriate actions, just no one has stepped up yet. But with the DUOS inability to accomplish anything who wins these races? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  8. JFM is unsatisfactory as a Republican legislator for this Republican voter. She is unwilling to listen objectively to reconsider her ultraconservative platform through reasonable discourse. While in Pierre I attended an event-she ate the free food and left before most constituents arrived. Hoping for much more flexibility, decorum, and honesty in a political leader.

  9. JFM is playing the martyr blaming everyone else, just like Biden. She also lies like Biden, just check out the transcript of her own words. She has her own agenda and could care less what her constituents want. She can’t get any legislation passed since she has alienated the whole Senate except Pischke who will certainly get beat in the next election. District 30 has no Senate representation. Only JFM, the consummate martyr and liar is represented.

    1. Don’t forget, he’s also now complaining about not having a jury trial in his civil case, when HIS OWN LAWYERS FORGOT TO ASK FOR IT.

      1. I say declare a mistrial now and restart it so Trump can’t appeal based on his lawyers incompetence. Media is saying it was a goof on the lawyers part, but maybe trumps team know they are screwed and trying to insert additional ways to be able to file an appeal after they lose.

    2. Yep…my dad who is in charge of foreign policy for your country says I’m worth $85k per month as an advisor even though I have absolutely no experience with any energy business.

      1. Yet, somehow a son of a sitting president who isn’t on the payroll is a bigger issue. Not the son dealing with foreign policy who received 2 billion from the $@udis and they have now said they will keep it there if Trump is elected. They are blatantly trying to influence our elections and buy our president.

              1. Great addition! 92 charges for a convicted rapist, a fraud, and a traitor. Glad to see you can’t defend any of it.

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