Sen. Tom Pischke – “a deeply awkward person.”

From Twitter, arguably the best tweet I’ve read today.

24 thoughts on “Sen. Tom Pischke – “a deeply awkward person.””

  1. Surprise, the guy who voted to keep rapists in classrooms has the social graces of an asparagus.

    1. Desantis was likely tipped off by his boy Schoenbeck.

      In Desantis’ head “yeah Lee warned me about this guy. Moving on.”

  2. grudznick expects Mr. Pischke has been tapped to be an undersecretary, at least, in the administration of a President DeSantis. They will call him “the deeply awkward undersecretary” in the coffee rooms on the Hill.

  3. How dare Governor DeSantis not recognize the infamous and most powerful State Senator Pischke! And he even drove a whole hour to see him. How rude!

    1. What if, on his way home, Mr. Pischke got pulled over by the Iowa Trooper Brigage. The ITB is not known for putting up with buffoonerism, and clearly Mr. Pischke, who is literally the poster child for buffoons, would probably say “I’m a state senator from South Dakota” and the ITB officer would laugh, loudly, in his face and write him one of those Iowa bogus crayon tickets.

    1. parts maybe. more true of wyoming for sure. at least our congressional delegation can say ‘no’ to the orange koolaid. not so for wyo, they’re swimming in it.

  4. Two socially awkward elected officials meeting each other. Funny!

    Would you like some chocolate pudding Governor? I drove over an hour to bring you some. Look no spoons!

  5. Looks to me like Desantis gave Pischke about as much time as he deserves.

  6. DaSantis blew it. Senator Pischke could organize a state wide organization to knock Trump out of the saddle and help secure the nomination for the much younger, more electable Governor.

      1. He has zero self control and is his own worst enemy. I’m talking about both Pischke and Goss.

    1. I doubt Pischke has that kind of influence unless it involves milk and cookies.

  7. Governor Desantis did you know I am a South Dakota State Senator and the lead advocate for deadbeat dads? Put it in the vice Governor! I’ll help you win and can be the national voice for deadbeat dads!

  8. I’m guessing De Santis was warned about Pischke…good staff warns the candidate/potential candidate about guests, especially when they register for the event. And…South Dakota is last in the nation primary so our votes don’t matter anyway. Why would De Santis waste his time on SD? It’d be an irresponsible use of funds and time.

  9. Tom Pischke: “Hey DeSantis, Im a dude that thinks I am more important than I really am” – DeSantis: LOL, ok, neato. He might have had more of an impact if he introduced himself as the assistant to the regional manager…

  10. The fact that any tweet, article or any other moonbat liberal utterances that spew from Brian Tyler Cohens smarmy self important piehole is actually presented here on says a lot about “The Dakota War College” and those posting so gleefully. Is the Dakota Free Press website down or something? This place is turning into the Democratic Underground for cripes sake.

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