Sen. Tapio calls for Governor Daugaard to resign….?

It’s apparently a Neal Tapio day, and the latest is Senator Tapio calling for Governor Daugaard to resign… I guess?

What caused this rift? Apparently because the governor disagreed with the Tapio immigration panel:

Gov. Dennis Daugaard said the efforts to probe the state’s immigrant and refugee placement procedures weren’t needed.

“People that seize the refugee issue and try to paint it as a threatening immigrant issue misunderstand that situation,” Daugaard said. “I don’t think that’s necessary.”

Read it here.

A demand for resignation seems a bit much for disagreeing.

And the campaign rolls on.

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  1. Those of us in NE SD have witnessed how strange this Tapio guy is… Now the rest of the state is getting a peek.

  2. I would like to criticize my friend Pat Powers for the title in this article. Mr Tapio clearly wants “Governor Duagaard” to resign. He didn’t go after our Governor Daugaard. Apparently one of those ESL issues

  3. I’m no Tapio fan but it’s quite obviously a tongue-in-cheek reference to Daugaard calling on Trump to step down and be replaced by Pence during the 2016 campaign.

    1. What does Holien think of these attacks on Dusty, Shantel and Daugaard? I can’t imagine this is what he thought he was endorsing back in 2016 for a replacement.

    2. Thanks Anon 9:24 for reminding us of that, you are quite right. I think Tapio is visionary and ahead of his time. All one has to do is look at all the extreme problems most of Europe is experiencing right now to realize letting the wrong types of immigrants in unfettered will lead to chaos and disaster. He is right, Daugaard is wrong.

  4. To be clear, Holien not only endorsed Tapio but indeed recruited him to run against Roger Solum.

    1. you mean Roger “I have a clear conflict of interest but I won’t recuse myself because they need my vote to pass a massive tax increase” Solum?

      That one?

      1. against Neil “I claim to have moved back to Watertown” Tapio… Are we sure he even lives in South Dakota??

        1. Where do you live? Evidently not in Watertown or you would know that he lives here and has his office here. So, your sarcastic comment was like a fart in the wind, trying to raise a stink but has no substance.

          1. Okay, Reid, show me a picture of his office. I’ve lived in Wtn all my life. I know your daddy because he owns half the town, but I never heard of Tapio until you started to stomp for him. Where exactly is Tapio’s office? How long has it been there?

            1. Holien will condemn his attacks on Krebs and Johnson. Holien is a class act. Tapio is embarrassing to his last name.

              1. In fact if I were Johnson and Krebs I’d call Holien and ask him to speak out. He knows them both. Holien is a nice guy.

                Put Tapio’s hate in its place.

                1. 8:36 – Is the ad really considered “hate” to you? Does it also incite violence?

                  Call Holien up, ask him to speak out, sounds like you know him well.

          2. Whoa, obviously a sore spot for you, Neil… If you felt real comfortable about that issue, you’d have no need to reply… especially like you did. If it weren’t true, people would have never asked in the first place, and you wouldn’t be so easily irritated by it… Just own up to it, you lied during the last election cycle… It’s better to come clean now, than have to deal with it for the next five months.

  5. Attacking one of the most popular Governors in the nation of your own party in a primary is certainly a strategy one can take. Of course if you want to get more than 18%, it won’t be successful.

    I guess we now know where he is getting his political advice.

    1. 18% that would otherwise go to Shantel. There’s something to be said about playing the spoiler.

      1. 2 dudes one woman. Krebs has several ways to benefit. We will see how good of a candidate they all are.

  6. Jeb Bush was very popular in SD, but did Trump care? Not in the least. Trump destroyed him along with all the other Mr. congenialities . This isn’t a popularity contest. People are more concerned about the issues not somebodies personalty or money.

    1. Jeb was never popular anywhere in this country outside of Florida.

      Jeb was popular with donors. That’s it.

      Trump beat Bush and Clinton. They made if happen for him. The epitome of establishment. Krebs and Johnson are hardly a Bush or a Clinton. Tapio is a really odd.

    1. Steve –
      Democrats loved Comey.
      Democrats praise McCain.

      Democrats siding with a “Republican” governor, I know what that says about them, but others don’t and won’t recognize why the Left make such claims.

      Isn’t there a final address to SD Congress soon…thank goodness.

  7. If the Republican Party nominates Neal Tapio for congress it will be handing the seat to Tim Bjorkman.

    1. Sage – If we voted in the next 30days, I’d agree, give it time. Watch Trump’s speech from Camp David. I bet he comes here to support the GOP nominee (at least I hope) and right now I’m thinking Tapio is more his guy.

      Time will tell. I count Krebs out now, though she’ll campaign to the end. Dusty is smart, nice and probably knows best what to do, he’s got strong guidance from others;)

      And just for fun, check out the video from last night’s college game, the crowd erupts when Trump comes out. Sings the National Anthem, that’s my President. MAGA!!

      1. I watched the video of Trump coming out and “singing” the national anthem. Watched it several times. It sure appears to me that he didn’t know the words. Maybe they should have picked an easier song for him to sing, like Happy Birthday or something.

        1. I know, right? Cause it was so easy to win the USA presidency. And, so easy to sneak Russian collusion by the Americans people.

          It was for fun, didn’t me for it to offend you. I’ll remember to not engage with you next time.

        2. I’m not offended, KM. I’ll give President Trump the credit he is due. As dangerous as his provocations to North Korea seem, they also seem to have scared the hell out of Kim Jong Un. And he sure did succeed in getting himself a yuuuge Corker kickback, er … real estate tax break. But singing the national anthem isn’t one of those things where our fearless leader has any credit coming.

          1. Sage – How dangerous are the provocations coming from Kim Jong Un? How does he treat his countrymen? Aren’t his military starving and when people escape NK, get sent back, they kill themselves? Is that your shining example of patriotism?

            Tax breaks are a good thing, for everyone; poor and rich, small businesses and corporations. If you want to talk $$ scandals, here at a Republican blog, the topic might be Clinton Foundation or Uranium One or the women that were paid to come out with sexual harassment allegations against Trump.

            Americans learn our National Anthem at a very young age. When the anthem is playing, military are asked to stand in attention. The Olympic high jumper comes to mind. Have you ever watched Whitney Houston’s version? Many veterans and anyone connected to the military weep when our song is played.

            I most certainly will give credit for singing (however we describe singing), that’s patriotism and it’s okay to have that. Try it, might make you feel better about your country.

      2. Right now it’s Krebs then Johnson then Tapio. No one knows who Tapio is and most probably don’t care right now. I’d be surprised if Johnson was a head of Krebs.

        Governor I think Noem is a head of Jackley but I don’t know anyone supporting her so maybe Jackley has it in the bag.

        1. Does it really make sense to say… No one knows who Tapio is…”? Why not say, the vast majority of people don’t know. I talk to people about Tapio, so, there are people who know. SDWC dedicates time to Tapio, many people know him.

          I really think Dusty is under the radar right now and working his ass off making first impressions at state-wide community events. I agree with Noem ahead of Jackley, I think it’ll stay that way too. Time will tell.

  8. I think the possibility of a hot mic being anywhere near me would stop me from attempting to sing the National Anthem in public. It would be such an embarrassment. Those of you who want to criticize anybody else for not appearing to be singing it should post videos of yourselves singing it, right here. Now. I dare you.

    As for Trump’s “reckless” approach to North Korea, he sent Pongyang running to Seoul for cover. It was like Big Daddy yelling “don’t make me come down there.” It worked.

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