Senate leader tired of “wackadoodle crowd” on House Appropriations

Apparently, few words were minced in the cracker barrel in Watertown yesterday, as senate president pro tempore Lee Schoenbeck had some direct words for Steve Haugaard and Taffy Howard for being obstructionists in passing projects needed for South Dakota:

“I spent about half my time trying to deal with problems caused by Fred and his friends,” said Schoenbeck, referring to Deutsch and other House members. “If him and his friends would ever start paying attention to South Dakota and quit trying to kill stuff that’s good for our state, my life would be easier.”


Schoenbeck pinned some of the Legislature’s resistance to pass needed bills on the House Appropriations Committee, which, at one point, he called a “wackadoodle crowd.”

He blamed Reps. Steven Haugaard, R-S.D., and Taffy Howard, R-Rapid City, who are running for higher offices, for “doing everything they can to train wreck the Legislature.”

Read the entire story here.

It sounds like that was quite the crackerbarrel.

14 thoughts on “Senate leader tired of “wackadoodle crowd” on House Appropriations”

  1. People who use terms like Wackadoodle are self describing.

    “needed bills”?

    To each according to need?

    Are farmers and ranchers finally standing-up to the true socialists in South Dakota?

    That’s my reading of the tea leaves (so to speak).

    Bruce Whalen is the dark horse, then?

    1. You’re making an assumption that Bruce will be on the ballot. Not seeing it.

        1. If Thune runs a campaign, the Senator will get 75 percent. If he doesn’t, he’ll get 65.

          A dead cat with a MAGA hat would get 25 percent nowadays, which isn’t all that different from Lora Hubbel’s 20 against Daugaard in 2014. Nuts gotta nut.

    2. John, what “true socialists” do you see here in SD against whom farmers and ranchers would need to stand?

  2. I responded to Lee that I don’t know which friends he’s speaking about. I doubt he spends any time worrying about how I vote, and if he does he’s nuts. If I had to guess, I’d say our votes align 80 – 90% of the time.

    Concerning the housing infrastructure bill, I told the crowd I support the concept and voted favorably each time except the last when I thought it became too muddled from all the changes. Following the debate, I called he bill’s sponsor, Roger Chase, and told him to clean up the language and I will again support.

    More from the published story:

    Both Deutsch and Wiik said they support the idea of boosting infrastructure but voted against the bill because of the way it was written, and Bartels said there were draft errors in the bill that reached the House floor.

    “The seven or eight votes between the two bills, including all the amendments, I supported every vote until the last one,” Deutsch said. “But the last one the bill was muddied, and (Bartels) said he had a lot of nasty amendments. It was $150 million, and I wasn’t really sure what I was voting for.”

  3. Mr. Deutsch is puppeted by the whackie-doodles Ms. Howard and Mr. Haugaard. They are all insaner than most.

    1. Your comments are all sizzle, and no steak.

      It’s a wonderful sound, but when you take a bite it tastes like pond water.

      When you and I started hitting it off, somebody pulled your strings, didn’t they?

  4. There’s clearly a problem when members of the legislature throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want

    if it’s a great idea, and you can’t sell it to your fellow legislators, maybe you’re the problem.

  5. Lee has had civility issues for a long time. Its too bad, because he typically is a good legislator. Taking shots like that aren’t helpful. I’m not defending the policy positions of the people he referred to, but that behavior isn’t appropriate.

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