Senate takes recorded vote on transgendered athlete bill

After avoiding the subject, State Senators were forced to take a direct vote on where they stand on the transgendered student athlete bill. 

How did they vote?

Do you think the aye or nay votes will affect any of these legislators at the ballot box in 2016? Or will this be long forgotten by that time?

42 thoughts on “Senate takes recorded vote on transgendered athlete bill”

  1. I doubt it will hurt them in their districts unless a really passionate group of people start to emerge about this.

    Common Core has the ability to hurt Rave and Peters more than this but this might be just one more of those issues that starts to drag on them politically. I’m sure they have their reasons but people who disagree with them won’t want to hear the reasons.

    Solano is a different story, He’s west river and he might have set himself up to be primaried by Gosch or another candidate that is equally strong.

    Rave probably became unacceptable this session as someone’s pick for LG in ’18. He would be a drag on the ticket.

  2. Move along people! Nothing new to see here. Just the main rino herd voting with the liberals as usual. There will be obfuscations, denials, excuses, and dinner parties a plenty.

  3. I think a birth certificate is a very valid way to determine an individual’s gender. The bill should have passed. If the doctors don’t know when the child is born, we may need some new physicians in the state. If someone goes through a verified gender reassignment, then they are whatever they decide to become. But you can’t just say you’re male and be part of a male team, share locker rooms, etc., if you really aren’t, and vice versa. Why are so many supposedly smart people confused about what gender a person is? It’s not really that hard to tell, is it?

      1. I’ve noticed that people who use the word “gender” because they are uncomfortable using the word “sex” usually have more problems than just an inadequate vocabulary. 😉

        1. I wouldn’t be that hard on them, Mr. Fleming. It’s only in the last couple decades that “gender” has been divorced from the biological reality. Indeed, in most standard dictionaries you’ll find gender defined either regarding linguistics and grammar or as pertaining to the male/female division of a species.

          The whole thing is very sad. We do not create our own reality and all the psychotherapists and over-educated fools who think we can are setting quite a few people up for failure. Wishing doesn’t make it so. A boy is a boy is a boy, no matter what he thinks. And a girl is a girl is a girl.

          It’s as if somebody were convinced he was Napoleon and we required all the world to accommodate that belief and treat him as if he really were.

          1. “We do not create our own reality and all the psychotherapists and over-educated fools who think we can are setting quite a few people up for failure”

            Give us some time with our education funding priorities and those over educated fools will go away and we will have under educated fools. The less they know the less that can hurt them. Everything is going according to plan.

        2. Oh for Crying out loud, sex, sex, sex. Nitpick much!? And then you trot out a WHO definition to boot? My vocabulary is just fine, thanks. 😉

      2. I’ll see your WHO and raise you Webster’s dictionary. gender: the state of being male or female; under the full definition: 2
        a : sex
        b : the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex
        I submit that a rational person will conclude that “gender” and “sex” are interchangeable when using the noun form.

  4. It will be a huge issue. Anyone who voted for allowing boys in minor girls locker rooms, will be held accountable!

  5. Does anyone think Mickelson, Jackley or Noem will ask anyone of these clowns to be on their ticket now?

    1. They don’t care, they were more interested in doing the right thing rather than pandering to the hate mongers.

  6. It was all pretty stupid from the onset, since gender reassignment is a lengthy process which takes about two years. And the surgery isn’t done until the patient is 18 anyway. Given the recovery period involved, most candidates probably wait till spring break or summer vacation after their 18th birthday.
    So for purposes of high school athletic programs, there’s nothing wrong with being the gender you are, not the one you want to be when you grow up.

    Drag queens on the gubernatorial ticket, though…that’s another issue

    1. we’re not just talking about surgical change, we’re talking about some mixed up kid who identifies with and wants to be a member of the opposite sex.

  7. So? A lesbian trapped in a teenage boy’s body will now be allowed to take a shower with girls’ BB team?


    1. Liberals are really big on having special rules only suited to their complete lack of sensibilities. A guy can abuse a height and hormonal advantage in any sport he wants to. We can always write off the occasional sneak peak at your daughter in the dressing room as a fringe benefit necessary in order to explore one’s sexuality.

      1. The sad thing is that your blowing this all out of proportion and it’s just not reality. those situations you seem to enjoy hyping up will most likely never happen. It’s really about the kids and not just those that may be transgender but non transgender kids. That transgender kid may not even want to participate in a sport with a possible added exposure to all this fear and possible conflict in their local district or conference.

        It always seems to be hyped up as a worst case scenario. What of this kid happens to be transgender, small frame, motor skills and eye hand coordination are significantly less than the star players or runners on the team and this person plays a supportive role that blends into the team effort? Why draw even more attention to yourself if it can be avoided? You don’t want a rival town HS team accuse you of having an unfair advantage and refuse to play. It would ruin the spirit of sportsmanship, healthy competition and overall positive experience for everyone!

        I’m all for respecting everyone involved and having the least amount of disruption throughout all of this including having a separate bathroom/shower and changing room available to protect everyone. This transgender kid will likely feel uncomfortable with their own body especially when the hormones kick in and won’t want others to see his or her body so I feel a separate changing room would be safer for everyone.

  8. The whole thing is nearly as hysterical as Mr. Fleming’s definition without a distinction.

    1. Wow, his parents brainwashed him into thinking he was a girl starting at the age of five. What a touching story. Stories like this are exactly why we should not kowtow to the transgendered agenda.

      1. Spencer,

        What would be your course for corrective action if you had a child like this Jazz Jennings?

  9. This whole idiotic thing reminds me of a joke I found on Public Radio’s website :

    Lars–a Norwegian from Cook County in northern Minnesota– was an older, single gentleman who was born and raised a Lutheran. Each Friday Night after work, he would fire up his outdoor grill and cook a venison steak.
    Now, all of Lars’s neighbors were Catholic…..and since it was Lent, they were prohibited from eating meat on Fridays. The delicious aroma from the grilled venison steaks was causing such a problem for the Catholic faithful that they finally talked to their priest.
    The priest came to visit Lars, and suggested that Lars convert to Catholicism. After several classes and much study, Lars attended Mass…..and as the priest sprinkled holy water over Lars, he said, “You were born a Lutheran and raised a Lutheran, but now you are Catholic.”
    Lars’s neighbors were greatly relieved, until Friday night arrived, and the wonderful aroma of grilled venison filled the neighborhood. The Priest was called immediately by the neighbors and, as he rushed into Lars’s yard, clutching a rosary and prepared to scold Lars, he stopped in amazement and watched.
    There stood Lars, clutching a small bottle of water which he carefully sprinkled over the grilling meat, and chanted: “You were born a deer, and raised a deer, but now you are a walleye.’

  10. Are you people kidding me? What is this about? This is all about inventing idiotic solutions in search of a problem.

    A big fat gay fantasy. There are no complaints or problems to solve. Just folks trying to make points with the shrinking anti-gay crowd. Go ahead. Make fools of yourselves.

    Thank goodness many Republican legislators are not falling for this craziness.

    1. Gee, evidently you don’t care about the feelings of the girls who would have to participate against the physical/muscular development of a male, or the girls who may be intimated by having a guy in their
      dressing room. And what is this anti-gay crap you write? The gay guy dresses with and competes with guys, isn’t that what he wants? And the lez girl dresses with the girls, perfect for her. Your anti-gay comment is totally bogus. You sound like a straight hater!

      1. This is just another chicken-little episode.

        Oh no! Some boy might get in the girls’ locker room by becoming a girl or something. Last month it was “somebody might have to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding”.


  11. I am very disgusted with this vote. Those who voted to kill it should be held accountable at the polls. Especially the Republicans like Cory Brown and Tim Rave who claim to be conservatives. Kuddos to Jim Peterson for being the only Dem with the testosterone to vote for it. So what if it is an anti-gay/lesbian bill ? That subject should have no part of high school sports.

    1. Brown and Rave led this liberal assault on our children’s schools. Double talking politicians like them (tell voters they are conservative to get elected) need to be highlighted for who they really are, Democrats masquarding as Republicans. What makes their duplicity worse? They lead other “Republicans” down the same liberal left path!

      1. Right on ! When the majority leader and Pres pro tem both vote against it you get the strong feeling that the Gov and Lt Gov were against it too. Helped Daugie save face by not having to veto it, and avoided the tie so The Joker wouldn’t have to vote. Then hopeing the electorate will forget about it.!

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