New legislator Lynne DiSanto poking at GOP colleagues as session ends, claiming they vote like Democrats.

This morning, Gordon Howie slobbers over Representative DiSanto, and prints a missive allegedly from her about her first legislative session. 

Unfortunately,  the missive’s purpose is to go all ‘Stace Nelson’ on her colleagues in the House Republican caucus:

I often get told that it is so unfair for the Democrats in our state government, since they are such a minority. But I can honestly say, it doesn’t matter. Many of these republicans vote more like democrats anyway. So, to my democrat friends, you are not in as much of a minority here as you think.

Read it here.

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  1. She’s about as relevant as stace working her way to hubbelland. Enjoy the crazy train ride.

  2. She’s a Howie shill. She hasn’t hid it if you look at herself as a candidate. She played nice when she got elected but she’s feeling bold now that her freshman year is coming to a close. Count on her carrying every Howie flag in the legislature. Come on Rapid City, find someone better in a primary next year.

  3. We all vote a variety of ways on every different issue for various reasons.

    What bothered me this session was that we changed or tried to change the rules four times so we could win.

    1. The Daschle law
    2. Doubling the initiated measure signature requirement
    3. The CAFO vote threshold from 2/3 to 1/2
    4. The CGI debt collection center bill amended to only require a majority vote.

    1. Adding to Representative Hickey’s list of ways Republicans tried to “change the rules” this session:

      5. Making ballot access more difficult for Democrats
      6. Making ballot access more difficult for new parties
      7. Making ballot access more difficult for independents

      Corey Brown is an egomaniacal one-man wrecking crew for representative government.

  4. Much that was positive was accomplished this session and we all got along which is good. But if we are talking here about things we didn’t like about this session I’ll add one more.

    Raising the speed limit to 80 is something that has no business sneaking into the road funding bill. It’s a real stretch to make that part of the solution to funding bridging and roads. We do have a one subject rule on bills and putting that in there is bad form. And I said so to our caucus and others agree. Maybe a few of us should have been jerks on it and blocked out some no votes jeopardizing the two thirds vote threshold if they didn’t strip it out.

    After 5 years of being on the transportation committee a few of which as vice chair fighting for road funding, I shifted to a no vote on the bill. Adding junk like the 80 mph thing was just one reason.

    1. Very interesting Rep. Hickey, I have heard many good things about you this year from people who often disagree with you. They feel you are willing to stand up and speak out and that is appreciated.

      Dissent showed frustration in her comments. Those comments don’t help her cause at all but she is no Stace Nelson. She is a six foot tall soft spoken woman and she will not turn as many people off like Nelson did.

      I would call this a learning moment for her. It’s not fair to lump people all in one just because they vote differently than you. But at the same time it shows courage to say she’s ticked off publicly. Now she just needs to come up with a better reason to be ticked off at her colleagues other than that she feels they vote liberally. My money says she went up a peg or two in my book just because someone needs to speak out and maybe she chose the wrong talking points but she showed an independent streak.

    2. Rep. Hickey, I thought you voted against SB 1 because you were against increasing taxes. Thanks for straightening me out.

      1. R e a d my comment more carefully Sib. I voted against it for a few reasons.

        I think the economy is going to hit the crapper this year in a major way and in commenting to others on my no vote I said this is not a time to raise taxes.

        There are times to raise taxes and fees. One can’t govern long without funding things like city govt, roads, schools and caring for the sick and elderly.

        The Governor was dead set against these tax increases a couple years ago. Now we have to raise them or we will be walking on dirt paths. What changed? His re-election is in the rear view mirror now? I say that and I also want you to hear I like him a lot.

          1. Hey miss bitter, I get five minutes on the floor to raise concerns and less in caucus. CGI, BFM and the blue badges are up there paid full time to get it done and the Governor wants it. What did happen is we peeled off enough votes, made them squirm and have to resort to changing the rules to get it to pass.

    1. She is telling conservative Republicans nothing new. Its one of the reasons the rinos go berserk when conservative groups do report cards on their voting records.

  5. Maybe there is a disconnect somewhere between the way things actually work in Pierre and the way legislators portray themselves. The fact we have legislators defining the supposed difference in a tax or user fee is evidence of that. A true user fee would never be eligible for plundering no matter how hard the times but we all know how that goes. Outsider and newcomer perspectives shouldn’t be discounted so quickly. Unless the career legislators aren’t thick skinned enough they should use the criticism for both inward and outward reflection. We can all sit down and learn from each other or sling useless labels and tear each other down. I’d prefer working together with people I agree 95% of the time.

  6. Brown needs to start carrying water for his own vision instead of the governor. He’s brilliant.

    Look at what Mickelson is getting done with the tech schools. Now that is a guy who is advancing an agenda other than the governors.

    Good for him.

    1. If Mickelson thinks tracking down 1,000 nominating signatures from apathetic independents is easier than tracking down 250 nominating signatures from politically engaged minor-party activists, he’s delusional.

      And what right does the state have to force any minor party to serve as the vehicle for a candidate nominated by voters who aren’t even members of that party?

      When the details come out about what happened in committee this morning, the likelihood of Mickelson becoming our next governor is going to decrease significantly.

      1. Ok I will bite you teased us… which committee? (so i can listen myself) and what did Mickelson do?

          1. His chances of being governor are going to decrease for these and other reasons. Maybe you can’t know that for sure, but I can give you my word.

        1. SB 69. He did a bunch of things. I’m not going to try to list them all right now.

        1. False. That comment refers to committee amendment 69fw. Mickelson admitted the ballot-access bar is too high for new-party candidates for statewide office, then put forward the bizarre solution of allowing non-party-members to nominate the party’s candidates.

          This is just the tip of the iceberg.

          #irrational #incompetent

            1. The fix is in.

              Maybe we’ll be able to cancel the general election in 2016 because all the Republicans are unopposed.

          1. Any one that has worked along side of Mark can confirm he is anything but irrational or incompetent.

            1. A competent legislator would understand the difference between the privileges of parties and the rights of individual citizens. A citizen doesn’t forfeit his or her rights by merely registering with a political party.

              If Mickelson is rational, someone should explain that to him.

  7. I heard Partridge chewed her out and then got chewed out himself by a few other members – including Tim Rounds.

  8. She is definitely much easier on the eyes, even though she is saying the same things. Considering our “Republicans” led the Democrats in increasing government, increasing taxes, and opposing gun rights? Kind of hard arguing with her. Quick! Someone claim she threatened to kill one of the moderates or make a big deal out of her using the bathroom!

    If only we had 40 more conservative Republicans like her and the 12 conservatives serving now. Republicans could stop the Left’s agenda. Give them heck Representative DiSanto!

  9. Who are the 12 conservatives serving now? I am not being a smartie; seriously asking.

      1. Those two led the way for increased taxes, increased fees, liberal Left’s Common Core Supported, increased state govt, killed good gun bills, supported the enactment of the gay agenda in ours schools, and helped every other liberal Left agenda pass the legislature.

        Seriously!? What the hell is the difference between Rave and Buhl?!

      2. Gaosch is not near as liberal as Rave. Rave did all those things listed, Gosch did some of them.

    1. This is all I saw:
      Lynn DiSanto,
      Lance Russell
      Liz May
      Isaac Latterall
      Dan Kaiser
      Jim Stalzer
      Lanna Greenfield
      Jenna Hagger
      Brock Greenfield
      Phil Jansen
      David Omdahl

      1. Why are we putting Isaac Latterell in this group? He lead the way to destroying our constitution with an article V convention. Is that conservative?

        Ask the concerned women if he’s conservative…

  10. Leadership is all about sticking your neck out for a value you believe will help you and those around you knowing full well those of opposing forces will do everything in their power to chop it off.

    What is remarkable is our constitutional right to say almost anything about an elected politician, even that bordering on slander.

    But it still doesn’t make it right.

    1. mr hoffman i find plenty of nice people around here and i have enjoyed interacting with them. the anonymous people who are ready to nearly slander people are possibly those who managed to leave one of the most stalwart house members off of the house list above, namely mike verchio.

  11. if only the people really knew what’s going on.
    if they ‘knew’ they wanted taxes to roll back to 1973 levels, no death tax, and the state fte payroll cut in half, then they would elect a legislature full of conservatives. you couldn’t stop them from doing it.
    or, if they ‘knew’ that the best government is the one that governs least, and that they want marijuana, then we’d have a legislature full of libertarians. again, how would you stop them?
    or, if voters all thought the republicans were too stupid to take all the federal government freebies, and too timid to get enough revenues to fully fund schools and fully fund health care, then we’d have all democrats in the legislature. we’d go not only blue, but royal blue.
    but what do voters think? they want to feel confident that their elected officials are competent to operate in a complex world. they want to feel that the state is being carefully and competently run, and that government is doing all the big things that government can do, in a way that’s right for south dakota. this is what their votes constantly tell me, by virtue of who wins.
    if you’re a tea party conservative, a democrat or a libertarian, don’t be mad at the republicans. the voters are the ones who are screwing you over.

    1. You forget, every Republican runs and claims to be a cut government, support 2nd Amendment till death, pro-life conservative to get elected.

      That’s how they get elected. The problem is that the voters who are busy don’t often times find out they were sold a RINO instead of the elephant they thought they were getting.

      Too many Democrats turned Republican to get elected to keep track of anymore.

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