Senator Thune speaks truth to power, noting “If getting primaried is the price for standing up, and speaking the truth, and standing up for the rule of law and the Constitution, then so be it,”

Senator John Thune was recently on Fox News’ “Your World With Neil Cavuto,”  and you can’t help but to give him a “hell yeah” for his earlier comments about the election:

“It’s a free country, Neil, and he’s an individual that has a big following out there, obviously, politically, and continues to be a major force in the politics of our country. But, you know, I will do what I have to do in South Dakota. If getting primaried is the price for standing up, and speaking the truth, and standing up for the rule of law and the Constitution, then so be it,” Thune responded.

He went on to say the “main thing” going into the 2022 midterm elections is that Trump and Republicans in Congress “are going to be united” in working to win majorities in the House and Senate. He added that, in his view, the country is “heading into a left ditch” because “the Democratic Party is controlled by the Bernie Sanders wing of the party.”

Read it all here.

It’s interesting because there had been this cabal of people who read too many facebook memes clucking about Thune accepting the results of the election as somehow being wrong.

Guess what? The cluckers are even more unorganized, still reading facebook memes, while Senator Thune is getting ready for the next election.

Could a primary happen? Sure. It could in the best of times.

But Thune stands strong, the entire delegation including Governor Noem stands behind him, and nothing is going to change that.

56 thoughts on “Senator Thune speaks truth to power, noting “If getting primaried is the price for standing up, and speaking the truth, and standing up for the rule of law and the Constitution, then so be it,””

  1. Thune needs to acknowledge that there were enough illegal votes to steal the election. That’s the truth.

    1. Well, let us know what courts of law have accepted and adjudicated those claims in the former president’s favor.

      Not saying there weren’t irregularities. But so far, not enough to change a hill of beans, no matter what the meme of the day on Facebook says.

    2. This is a soul cleansing move, Realist, and a very nice statement.

      That being said, I think it is not a politically cleansing move if any kind of reasonable America-first candidate steps-up to primary Senator Thune.

    3. 100% Apparently, John didn’t listen to or watch all the Senate hearings or didn’t care. (Most) Republicans sat back while ONE whistle-blower (whom Kamala called a patriot; she at leaststands behind her own) caused years of Congress to waste time yet, hundreds of real patriots came forward with their stories (many not even Republicans) and SCOTUS and state levels didn’t want to touch it. Can’t stand the heat (or threats), get out of the fire. Those cases were not ‘lost, just not heard like a hot potato. Biggest coup in our history and many R’s sat silent. Pathetic.

      If 24 pallets of ballots driven from NY to PA on Wednesday night doesn’t cause you pause and you don’t join legislators from those states in question, what good are you in that position???

      Literally nothing that influences my knowledge is from a meme. 100% based on what firsthand witnesses and video have provided…

  2. Perhaps a member of the royal family will relocate to South Dakota to primary John.

  3. “He added that, in his view, the country is “heading into a left ditch” because “the Democratic Party is controlled by the Bernie Sanders wing of the party.”
    Actually the $15/Hr minimum wage even when proposed in a multi-year step format was not included in the US Senate legislation that passed today, and income requirements were tightened. So it looks like the ‘Bernie Sanders wing’ does represent the more left view but Joe Biden and the Democrats DID compromise to get results. Those are the facts.

    1. Yeah, the Dems were sooooooo looking out for the American people, ds. All that money going overseas, stimulus payments those here illegally, all those billions to corrupt unions for pension bailouts; Democrats are AWESOME!

  4. Consistently one of the most popular senators in both parties. Arguably has a better handle on the sentiments of South Dakotans which is what really matters.

    1. Trump was a liberal Democrat? Are you that delusional?

      President Trump was actually trying to build up America again after the Obummer years, and now Biden is busy doing things daily to destroy America. You must be one of those Lincoln Projects types: anything to get Trump out of office, even the demolition of the country.

  5. The Trump Agenda, just 3 short years ago, was the new counter culture.

    Now, we have a South Dakota “Republican” Senator crying foul over being in the minority of people in the nation who believe obvious election fraud should not be prosecuted, as though there would be no consequences.

    The memo to Senator Thune and his staff, who have a vast political war chest, who hitched their wagon to an anti-nation Chinese turtle, is that advocating election fraud through abstinence of duty is the moral equivalent of Senator Thune’s rabid political dog running around the playground.

    My advice to Senator Thune is either come out with the secret strategy you have to save the nation, or own everything this “administration” and congress does.

    Like it or not, we gave you the daylight to be brave, Senator Thune. We sold out and left it all on the field, and you went to the locker room with 10 seconds on the clock.

    “A flat broke choke with the three point stroke. With the big game on the line he whiffed with the refined pine. He dished the ball to the baseline. A worm burner to the out of bounds line. Needed square root but only had cosin.”

    This communication coming from Senator Thune’s team (does he even write, check his own email?) smacks of desperation.

  6. I don’t get any political content from FaceBook.

    I did watch testimony to state legislatures, video of people pumping fake ballots through counters, important TCP trace animations suggesting out of country management of election counts, and a few hundred other non-facebook sourced data points.

    Watching things as they unfold is not something everyone can do.

    I did.

    And I’m convinced Thune’s failure to act created an existential crisis for our country (of course, pending some super secret Thune plan to save the country that we just haven’t seen, yet).

    Also, I think it’s worth clarifying .. if you follow Rush on FaceBook or Twitter it doesn’t matter .. you’re following Rush.

    Who was an ardent Trump agenda enthusiast.


    1. John Dale writes: “At this point .. Joe Biden, John Thune. For me? Same same. One BEGAT the other.”

      You still have a Trump flag flying in front of your house, don’t you?

      1. I still fly the American Flag at my house and to be sure there will never be a Re-Elect Thune sign in the yard. He stopped representing South Dakotans long ago.

  7. So has the “Primary John Thune in 2022” facebook group found a candidate? Are they registered as a campaign or PAC with the SOS? Have they raised any money? And finally, (and most importantly!) are they buying ads on this blog?

    1. They’re busy posting meme’s and saying they should find a candidate.. while they try to get people to go to GAB.. because PARLER has now been corrupted by the left.

      1. it’s very tempting to join that facebook group just to see what they are up to, but I can’t bring myself to do it

  8. The only way Thune is vulnerable is if Trump himself hand picks a candidate and comes to SD to relentlessly campaign.

    It only takes about 50,000 votes. So who knows.

    I’m not convinced Noem isn’t vulnerable in a general election her saving grace is huge dollars raised. Thune would be untouchable in a general.

  9. Why doesn’t Tapio have the guts to primary Thune? I’d like to see Tapio get “schlonged.”

    1. I think that happened after he ran against Daschle, and was diverted to a certain website for several years.

  10. In a Democratic Republic, stuff happens in elections. As I read what Thune has said, he is firm in how he sees things and has thrown down a gauntlet- talk is cheap. PRIMARY HIM. He seems ready to take it to the Republican primary voters. Is there an anonymous big talker ready to step up?

      1. I have no idea why that could be relevant as it is bizarre a US Senator is reacting to a Constitutional Officers political announcement.

        1. Troy, in case you missed it: Jackley is the only person who could realistically primary Thune and go on to win the general election.
          With Jackley pursuing a different office, Thune is safe.

          1. Are you high? Jackely couldn’t be Kristi – there’s no way he’d come close to Thune who still stands alone atop the mountain of South Dakota politics.

            Dusty, well, he’s just the nerdy guy who no one really dislikes. But if someone either really good looking, or more Trumpy comes along, he’s in trouble. No one really has a reason to vote for him, he’s just the constant – sure he’s ok candidate.

            Rounds, rumor amongst his staff, is done after this current term. Apparently he’s even said it himself.

            Will be interesting to see who is next. There really isnt a rising star yet amongst the next generation.

  11. Some stream of consciousness below. You’ve been warned. Indulge me.
    The pandemic seems almost designed to elevate Navy INTEL guy Desantis (think Roger Stone).

    Noem’s decision, which appears to be made *ahem* all on her own, elevated her stock (conservative girl power is platinum), however that came about.

    So, this week TX (3rd fiddle behind the nation’s for real state South Dakota and NY export controlled Florida) *ahem* conspiracy theory predictor Alex Jones said Noem was his top pick for VP.



    She may not know it, but Governor Noem is in the driver’s seat for POTUS if she wants it?

    But I think if she is really smart, she’ll put ol’ plow horse Trump out front in 2024 before putting her seeds in the ground. Trump/Desantis seems inevitable the more I think about it. The 2024 president will need thick skin and virtual perfect US-first autonomy. I believe Noem could do it in 2024, but she should leverage a 2024 Trump presidency to force multiply the Amerca-first agenda.

    My pointed thought to governor Noem is that she has been on the hunt, and it’s okay to let President Trump take this shot, because there will be much to do afterward, and these birds shoot back.

    Let’s help President Trump shoot as straight as possible, and even the best shot might not be enough?

    As of now, governor Noem has my complete support, and I encourage the entire community of people keeping Noem honest to keep doing so, but take the “L” if you don’t really turn-up anything of substance (plane rides and family members receiving funds through public programs with well known criteria fitting family members are dead ends).

    If you want to go really, r e a l l y slow, hitch your wagon to Senator Thune right now. “Outgoing” – John, this guy’s on a Chinese funded kamikaze mission .. bail out if you still can (but I think the impact was made, and the USS Trump is still floating, weapons undamaged):



    1. This Kamikaze analogy is the perfect analogy for Senator Thune’s political trajectory barring some behind the scenes national political movement by congress that will be announced in the future. For the time being, anyway, it appears as though Thune’s political career was on the plane.

      I am very fortunate that some 20 years ago I was hooked into some controversial, far-out, unbelievable but logical publications that turned out to be correct. A tiny piece of information at the right time can be devastating our miraculous, like a one degree course correction at the tee in golf.

      By the way, I did a thing and some golden improv comedy came-out. It starts dry, but rewards the persistent listener. If you enjoy laughing as much as I do, can somehow shoe-horn your melon into my perspective, and have a heart problem, please prepare accordingly. I don’t want to be responsible for your death. At the link, if you click the big spear fish logo at the top, that will take you back to the index where you could also listen to a lengthy analysis of what I think is Thune’s current very serious political predicament. I do have to say, though, that this is a site for grown ups (language warning):



  12. Should Thune, at this point, facing .. this .. replace some staff while there’s still time? I would vote for a nicely carved tree stump over the policies that I’m seeing coming out of Senator Thune’s team.

    For instance, why does Senator Rounds publish his congressional email address, but Senator Thune does not?

    I think this is a class move by Senator Rounds and his staff to make this email available. We’re going to disagree on policy, but we will always agree on equal access to means of 1st Amendment access to our elected representatives?

    Fundamentally, regardless of Thune’s position on how much we all love our military, or irrespective of his harrumphing about the stimulus bill he owns because of his decisions about election integrity on record, if he’s not a vociferous and open communicator with the residents of South Dakota he has a fundamental disagreement (about communication with representatives) with all of us that we have no means to petition to resolve!

    Does the Thune team grasp the basic logic of the importance of direct communication with his South Dakota constituents?

    John .. dude .. do you even type, bro?

    The potential angles and attacks against Thune’s current position are palpable. He will burn cash trying to defend it .. funny thing is, when he whipped for that damn Turtle, he created his own problem (and a HUGE problem for the national well being .. to SUBMIT).

  13. Watching John Dale post stream-of-consciousness is a bit like reading Through the Looking Glass if Lewis Carroll had no talent: it’s really weird, which is fine, but you feel like it isn’t going anywhere

      1. Because you just make claims, provide no evidence for them and, when pressed on your claims, you accuse others of being part of the deep state or whatever other conspiracy theory has your attention this week. How’s 5G treatin ya, bud?

      2. cheap shots are what i drink while reading your *interesting* streams of thought you post here.

  14. Announcement: The TFH Caucus of the SDGOP formally announce our endorsement of Mr. Dale as a candidate for US Senate to unseat Senator John Thune. We will hold a press conference using our special TFH frequency network at 1:00pm today Mountain Standard Time.

  15. John Thune may or may not be primaried should he choose to run for yet another term. It does not matter, he will win the primary if he is there. If that happens, he will win the general election. The problem is Senator Thune has become the problem that we put him into Washington to fight against. Senator Ron Johnson is seriously considering “passing the torch” to another person. I would hope Senator Thune would do the same. When he was a US Representative, he promised three terms and then move on. It is time he does the same as a Senator. I have voted for him for the last time.

  16. For those of you who understand how important it is to read the room:

    I will not run for SD Senate.

    I will support nearly anyone that will stand up for the US Constitution, election integrity, responsible budget .. Republican or Democrat.

    Did you know that Amy Klobuchar is more fiscally conservative that John Thune?

    Talk to your old salty South Dakota budget hawks .. THEY KNOW.

    For election integrity and responsible budget, there is a very strong case that Senator John Thune is all hat and no cattle.

    Good luck!

  17. I believe South Dakota Democrats and Independents LOVE Senator Thune .. because they shudder to think what a really conservative Senator would do to Chinese inspired socialist dreams floating around the DC ether.

    I’m seeing not enough talk about Thune’s policies regarding technology (and how little he really knows about it), medicine, cannabis, and .. OF COURSE .. election reform.

    I’ll reiterate. Senator Thune’s political disposition is like a dangerous rabid dog roaming the streets, and opposition to his representation in the Senate is very real and quite legion.

    Thune is either America first or he is not, and the litmus test kicked-off last November.

    At this point, he’s got to ace the final to get a C.

    1. We The TFH Caucus of the SDGOP appreciate the humility of Mr. Dale and will adjust our campaign to “Draft John Dale for US Senate to run and unseat US Senator John Thune.

      1. I am not running for Senate.

        I think Dentist just moved down the list of most hated professions ..

        But it would be an honor to serve/advise on technical issues.

        Make use of that graduate degree and decades of experience.

      1. South Dakota voted overwhelmingly for Trump.

        It’s the kind of state where you can’t just dig into the burbs, inner cities, and low country to scare-up votes. There are people in South Dakota who have made more money than that this week who are exceptionally concerned about the fact that Thune not only did not stand up for election integrity, but he actively whipped votes against several brave Senators who wanted an accurate audit of a clearly stolen election.

        The globalist nightmare isn’t a conspiracy theory. It is just a conspiracy.

        But I’m patient, happy to be in SD, and interested to see if Pence was playing a critical role in an ultimate eventuality, or if he is the air-balling stooge he appears to be .. Thune as well.

        I await the evidence.

        Appreciate the thoughtful response.

        As I said on my show, if Senator Thune wins reelection and changes his ways, it brings into question the efficacy/utility of Senator Thune’s principles.

        Now is the time to retool.

        We have work to do.

        Is Thune our champion for what’s coming, or was he a peace time soldier foist into a battle for which he was ill prepared?

        1. “Champion for what’s coming”

          You are getting a little better at disguising your crazy, but sometimes you still let it slip out.

  18. Everybody’s got an opinion and that’s great. Let’s consolidate, refine, distill, and come out with the strongest and most accurate understanding of things.

    Recently I wrote some new software code to make sure that remains extremely fast and efficient with resources. It “lazy loads” images, which helped a lot. But also, I enabled pagination of old streams dating back to 1/17/2018. There are a lot of good insights, stupid ideas, and also a journey to competency as a broadcaster reflected in the progression of content which you can now “lazy load” because, when it comes to software performance, I try not to be lazy (and even then sometimes it doesn’t work-out).

    As I was trolling back through the content, happy I was able to complete this task using db2dom dot com in 82 minutes after spending 4 hours working through the fastest lazy load HTML5 algorithm I could concoct (you can view source and read the algorithm your self if you want .. it’s big league), and I found this:

    Also in the list are interviews with Mark Meckler and others.

    I’m looking forward to doing more interview this year.

    Maybe this year we’ll have sit downs with Pat and Cory and pick their brains in the interest of making life even better (ha! hardly possible you say!).

    If you demand it, maybe they’ll do it. 🙂

    How many of you would like me to interview John Thune on the program?



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