SD Woki-leaks quoting USD Prof: “some very active legislators” .. “follow an evil agenda of advancing their racism”

The South Dakota website Woki-leaks dropped some notes from a transcript from a December 10, 2020 Zoom meeting to discuss the University of South Dakota’s search for a new Associate VP of Diversity… A zoom meeting that USD appears to have taken off-line. 

Why would it not be on-line any more? Well, at least according to what SD Woki-leaks notes as the transcript of the “Comments from the Zoom Call” – they claim that it appears USD professor Clayton Lehmann had some fairly pointed opinions about legislators.

00:44:16              Clayton Lehmann again.  The problem of the conservative character of the legislature is not merely lack of understanding, which can be addressed by education and explanation, but active resistance to the desirability of diversity and some very active legislators who follow an evil agenda of advancing their racism and bigotry by shaping state law–here we need someone who can go beyond explanation to identifying and calling out evil.

Read that here.

I’m sure that will go over well. (Especially with you evil, racist and bigoted Legislators who will be voting on the appropriations bill this next week.)

6 thoughts on “SD Woki-leaks quoting USD Prof: “some very active legislators” .. “follow an evil agenda of advancing their racism””

  1. Nesiba, a professor, is much like the Devil, with a worse haircut and a greater proclivity to aberrant sexual behavior.

  2. And Mr. Lehmann still works there! No wonder parents are opting for homeschooling for early education.

    Email: [email protected]

    Bio: A native of South Dakota, educated at Augustana College, the University of Maryland, and the University of Chicago, Mr Lehmann specializes in Classical Philology.

    Teaching Interests:
    Greek and Roman history, archaeology, epigraphy, language and literature.

    Research Interests:
    Greek and Roman history, archaeology, and epigraphy.

    • non-degree, Greek, Loyola Marymount University, 2020
    • Architectural Design, History, Theory, Montana State University, 1988
    • Ph D, History, University of Chicago, 1986
    • Regular Member, Harry L Levy Fellow, 1982-83; Associate Member, 1983-85, American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1985
    • Summer Seminar, American Numismatic Society, Summer Seminar, 1981
    • MA, Ancient History, Classics, University of Maryland, 1980
    • BS, Comparative Literature, History, Greek, Augustana College, 1978

  3. USD needs a conservative in this position just to balance out the wokeness. Sort of like how Fulton seems to be balancing out the liberal law school.

  4. You know the best way to “educate” those racist Legislators? Put your name on a ballot and run for a seat. Oh no he won’t because it isn’t a tenured position.

    People actually have to check a box and believe that you are acting towards greater good. It is easy to be an armchair public figure.

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