So, what happened at the Butte County LDD with Haugaard’s speech?

As I’ve had inquiries about what happened at the Butte County Lincoln Day Dinner after they felt the need to feature unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate Steve Haugaard, here’s the report I was given by a couple of attendees.

Long and boring speech about the Republican Party platform, and how legislators are not following it. 

That was pretty much the long and short of it. Although, don’t think anything remotely short occurred. Long and boring.

One person thinks that Haugaard might be gearing up to run for Governor again, but considering how badly he was beaten  – 76% to 24% –  more than 3 to 1 – it’s hard to conceive that Haugaard would try to jump on that horse again, since it fell asleep the first time he tried to ride it.

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  1. As far as Lincoln Day Dinners go, having ONE speaker give a long speech would be preferable to the more usual practice of allowing everybody running for an office to give a 3-minute speech expressing their commitment to family values and bragging about how many generations of their family never travelled more than 25 miles from home.

    1. I would definitely take a bunch of 3-minute speeches if it meant getting to avoid Haugaard’s ramblings!

      1. I don’t think you have heard as many elevator speeches as I have.
        90% of them are about their families. “I’ve been married to (fill in the blank) for (X) years and we have (Y) children. My great-great-grandparents, Ole & Lena, arrived from Norway with only $0.35 in their pockets and we haven’t gone anywhere since.”

        There. Now repeat that paragraph about a dozen times and you have been to a Lincoln Day Dinner.

  2. What’s the latest on R. Shawn Tornow? Has he been kicked out by the Minnehaha GOP? I was leaving the convention center today and heard him yelling at someone collecting petition signatures. A woman was with the young guy and shut him up and made him walk away in shame.

  3. It looks like those who are Republican in name only were the only ones who didn’t appreciate a speech from a Christian man who upholds the Constitution and the true Republican platform. It seems the only people there who fit that description were John and Mary Fitzgerald, and they didn’t seem happy to be there at all, which made people wonder why they came in the first place.

      1. She sounds lime someone who has never actually read the SDGOP platform and thinks there are things in it that are not.

    1. There is no TRUE Republican platform. That doesn’t exist. The GOP of today isn’t even the GOP of 20 years ago. If you’re devoting your brain to something somebody else wrote, and it isn’t the Bible, you shouldn’t be telling anyone else how to think. Haugaard ran his entire campaign on a lie, on one single big smelly lie. The guy tried to take credit from Noem for keeping the state open. Completely egregious. How do you nincompoops let a weasel like Haugaard lie through his teeth throughout an entire election cycle, lose, distribute propaganda at the convention, LOSE AGAIN, and you’re still listening to him spread his delusions?? What do we need to do for you people to get it, grab you by the ears and shake your head until your pre-frontal cortex pops back into place?

  4. One of the facility employees walked into the room and found fully clothed skeletons seated at the tables slumped in their chairs while the guest speaker Steve Haugaard was still speaking at the podium completely oblivious as to what happened to his audience.

  5. The only time it would be appropriate for Matthew Monfore to stand up on a chair with his little camera and shout “He’s a fake!”

    Just an event for RINOs to project misguided National frustration back down at the state level. Isn’t it hilarious how they’re the ones constantly trying to CHANGE the republican party platform at the same shouting RINO! at anyone who doesn’t follow it to the letter? How is the party supposed to attract SMART people if they’re the ones creating the platform? That’s my biggest concern.

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