Rounds: Supporting Thune as McConnell successor

From The Hill, South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds is behind John Thune to succeed outgoing Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, as a fresh breath, and willing to stand his ground when it comes to Donald Trump:

Asked by ABC’s “This Week,” co-anchor Jonathan Karl how important it is for McConnell’s successor to be “willing to stand up to Trump,” Rounds said, ” Well, that’s what I’m looking for in a leader. I want someone who will work with a president, but who also will stand his own ground.”

“That’s one of the reasons why I very publicly and openly supported John Thune, and I supported Mitch McConnell. I think John Thune will bring some – you know, a fresh breath. That always happens when you have a change in leadership,” Rounds continued.

Read the entire story here.

7 thoughts on “Rounds: Supporting Thune as McConnell successor”

  1. “a fresh breath” 😂

    Thune for Mitch is one grizzled uniparty swamp creature for another. These people have been in power for decades and look where it’s gotten us. The idea there’s anything even resembling “fresh” with John Thune is laughable.

    1. I totally agree with you. Thune has ridden McConnel’s coattails for so long and so close that Mitch can’t get any draft when he needs to fart.

    2. how good of you guys to bring the “uniparty” lie in so quickly on this issue. your bannon duckspeak is sooo good. double-plus-good.

      i don’t think thune has a shot, boss hawg doesn’t like him much.

    3. I also agree, Thune is the same as McConnell. It is interesting that Rounds finally voiced his anti-Trump position. We need a senate leader that is supportive of Trumps agenda.

      1. What do you mean? Thune has already endorsed Trump for President publically & Rounds said in that ABC interview that he will support the Republican nominee for President which is going to be Trump. I won’t be surprised if Senator Rounds make that endorsement official after Super Tuesday.

  2. Neither side has a monopoly in morons.

    One side yells “same as” with predictability of the click-click of a baseball card a bike tire and the other has a profile picture of Liz Cheney. Sums up the state of American politics pretty well except we are missing is a “gender affirmer” saying “Palestine free from the river to the sea.”

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