South Dakota Democrat Party Chairman Randy Seiler major donor for Theresa Stehly in City Council race

That’s an interesting connection between Theresa Stehly and the head of the State Democrat Party:

5 28 2020 Citizens for Stehly Campaign Finance Disclosure Report Theresa Stehly by Pat Powers on Scribd

If you glance down on the hastily scrawled campaign finance report submitted by Theresa Stehly in the Sioux Falls City Commission race, South Dakota Democrat party Chairman Randy Seiler has apparently cut Stehly a check from his law office account in the amount of $250 for her campaign, making the head of the State Democrat Party one her major donors.

19 thoughts on “South Dakota Democrat Party Chairman Randy Seiler major donor for Theresa Stehly in City Council race”

  1. First off it is a council not a commission, it has been one for over 20 years. Second, this is a non partisan race any one can donate. Stehly has always had wide support from Dems & Indys it’s idiots like you in your own party that have a problem. Grow a brain.

    1. Angry much?

      First off, this was an obvious typo by Pat and not an egregious error as you clearly knew to what he was referring.

      Second, it is telling who the opposing party supports, so this donation is worthy of noting especially as Seiler is head of the SDDP.

      Go to anger management for your own sake.

  2. Makes sense when her biggest advisors and allies on the council are huge libs.

  3. Good grief, like she can control who donates to her campaign. You’re really reaching far to try and discredit her. Does that strategy actually help Jensen?

    1. Actually she can control who donates to her. There’s nothing prescribed in statute that a candidate MUST accept all donations. She could have easily sent the check back with a note that said no thank you. Candidates absolutely can control who donates to their campaigns.

        1. Exactly. So, she’s able to have a friendship with someone she may disagree with on policy. Stehly is supported by the people, she listens and responds no matter the party they are registered with.

          Not every registered Republican is about the Who’s Who in politics and gets their panties in a bunch if someone crosses the isle.

  4. The republican party stabbed her in the back, why wouldn’t she take money from democrats?

    1. You’re right! She should register as a Democrat. They are the only ones who want her.

      1. Seems like you are arguing for her. Not supporting a lifelong democrat and sociopath seems like a good thing.

    2. Seems like Stehly only attacks Republicans, like Noem, Trump, Tenhaken. When does she ever attack Democrats?

    1. I disagree that the Republican Party stabbed Theresa in the back. Although the animosity is real, and mutual, she picked this fight.

      I don’t’ hate Stehly. She isn’t wrong about every issue, and she’s put forward some good ideas. I certainly don’t blame her for losing her temper on occasion. But no one so congenitally abrasive & confrontational can serve effectively on city council. Having forsaken civil discourse, she launches bellicose, splenetic attacks on popular Republicans (such as Christine Erickson and Kristie Noem to name a few). An aside: why does Stehly despise these two excellent leaders? Is it personal?

      Theresa, too often, seems angry, bitter, and resentful. That’s her public persona. In high dudgeon, she once suggested our mayor didn’t care if citizens died in tornadoes.

      It’s true [as another poster noted] that Governor Dennis Daugaard, a popular, optimistic, centrist Republican, endorsed Jensen. Many others have as well. Alex is pro business and pro family. He’s a genuinely nice person.

      Democrat Chair Randy Seiler is a sly tactician. He backs Theresa, seeing the enemy of his enemy as his friend. Will his stratagem succeed? I guess we’ll find out next week.

  5. So let’s talk about the issues. This snowflake political correctness lack of substance is getting old. People want someone that is going to stand up for their interests instead of just another rubber-stamp.

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