South Dakota Democrats to be (mis)led by Jennifer Slaight-Hansen of Aberdeen

From Austin Goss on Twitter:

10 thoughts on “South Dakota Democrats to be (mis)led by Jennifer Slaight-Hansen of Aberdeen”

  1. From The Dakota Scout article:
    “My primary goal is to cultivate future leaders,” she said. “We need to get them under our umbrella, and encourage them to be a Democrat.”

    Slaight-Hansen has previously served on the executive board of the South Dakota Democratic Party and as chairwoman of the Brown County Democrats.
    ….because she’s done SUCH a great job cultivating democrat leaders in ALL RED Brown County?! 😂
    Good lucky Jenny! May your … umm “proven success” continue, now state wide! 🤣🤣

    1. The negative Cory Heidelberger effect on Brown County Dems was devastating. As one former SDDP Exec Director mentioned in Pierre “Cory and his blog of commenters are not helping us. They are making our jobs much more difficult.”

      Congratulations to the new chair!

  2. It really says something that the Dems nominated John Cunningham for statewide office last year but have so little confidence in him that they give him 7% of the vote for chair.

  3. Cunningham loses again!

    Take the hint…….

    Run as a Republican now and you can hold office like many others

    1. That would not be an option where in the SDGQP those advancing in the primary are the most extreme.

      1. South Dakota might have the most moderate Republican super-majority of any legislature in the nation, and that is because there are many Republican legislators who were formerly Democrats and it is rarely the case in South Dakota that the most conservative candidate wins the primary races even though the average South Dakotan is more conservative than the average legislator in Pierre.

        1. Fringe extremists always think they are in the majority and that those who are not as extreme as them are all former Democrats and just RINOS. I will admit that more extremists were recruited to South Dakota by Governor Noem so they could get their “Freedumb”. Common sense Republicans in other states encouraged the toxic wackos with all their conspiracy theories to move to SD too as they were hurting their state party elections resulting in Dem wins.

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