South Dakota is Open for Business, and luring groups from states that aren’t.

One of Governor Kristi Noem’s themes for South Dakota has been that we’re open for business. And we’ve seen that evidenced by at least two groups that would have normally gone elsewhere coming to South Dakota for their events.

Due to our more liberal neighbor to the east being closed for many gatherings, the Minnesota Republican Party recently announced that they’re coming to Deadwood for their annual Winter retreat:

The Minnesota Republican Party has decided to hold its annual winter retreat in Deadwood, South Dakota.

On its invitation to members, party officials say they’re excited to hit the road and head to our “friendly neighbors to the west in a beautiful, free and open part of the country.”


On her Twitter page back in October, Minnesota GOP Chair Jennifer Carnahan said, “There’s a reason (South Dakota Governor) Kristi Noem is loved by many.

She’s authentic, genuine, kind, caring, smart, and an exceptional Gov. I learned a lot from her over the past two days. Our state should aspire for better leadership & Governor Tim Walz would be wise to learn from peers like her!”

Read the entire story here.

The retreat is not going to be the only action the Black Hills is luring away from out of state. After moving from their previously announced venue of Las Vegas, FreedomFest 2021 will be held at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City from July 21-24:

The Ultimate Summit for the Liberty Movement

FreedomFest is an intense three and a half days, and it’s different from any conference you have ever attended. Where else can you attend yoga in the morning, listen to world-renowned speakers on finance or geo-politics after breakfast, choose from among a dozen breakout sessions with the world’s brightest thought leaders in the afternoon, watch a movie (and meet the director) throughout the day, judge the contestants in an entrepreneurs’ Pitch Tank, and end the day with karaoke? Plus, this year, you can choose to join a number of official excursions to world-famous destinations of Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Deadwood with other FreedomFesters.

Read about it here.

Announced Speakers include Columnist Cal Thomas, Media Personality Dr. Drew Pinsky, and South Dakota’s own Governor Kristi Noem.

By all appearances, South Dakota’s openness has been a boon for the tourism industry, and will deliver further benefits for months to come.


15 thoughts on “South Dakota is Open for Business, and luring groups from states that aren’t.”

  1. This will happen more and more as liberal States around the country constrict Freedom more and more with little regard for the American citizen.
    Great seeing this and Kudo’s to Governor Noem for standing firm for all our unalienable rights and Freedoms!!

    1. This is fine provided we don’t get polluted by liberals trying to settle here and bring their idiocy to our state.

      1. Guess what: we are. And we’re bringing our moderate candidates with us, with our desire for fair taxes but also unrestricted access to abortion and family planning, liberal same-sex marriage rights, and fair voting laws.

        Are you scared?

        1. What is a fair tax?
          What is my “fair” share?
          If I use the roads and schools the same why is my “fair” share more then others?
          Asking for a friend of a friend?

          Or just say what you mean. Pay taxes on ability to pay.

          1. Liberals will never define for you what a “fair” share of taxes are. I ask them whenever possible just how much of the national income tax the rich should pay and they will never answer. If they did, it would scare the &^%$ out of you.

        2. So you admit it’s idiocy; wow, that’s very honest of you for being a liberal. Maybe old man Joe and Commielaw should take a page from your book and be honest about their nefarious plans.

          However, your claim of moderate candidates is laughable; the left is going over the cliff with their insanity.

          Also, your claim of fairness is also laughable; when has a progressive ever concerned themselves with fairness?

          How about you stay in your liberal states and continue to run them into the ground and stay out of conservative states and not spread your stupidity?

          1. “How about you stay in your liberal states and continue to run them into the ground and stay out of conservative states and not spread your stupidity?”

            Stupidity…yes. Liberalism is also a fatal disease for society.

  2. Despite the incessant whining of the malcontents and the biased offerings of a freedom-hating media, Governor Noem continues to show her commitment to freedom and prosperity even in the face of a pandemic.

    Thank you Governor Noem.

    You have shown us the way to be a warm inviting hearth visible to all, even those expecting a “very dark winter.”

  3. While I am happy that we are getting the business….the optics of the Minnesota Republican Party leaving their state won’t play well in Minnesota. That probably won’t help their effort to be relevant in Minnesota elections.

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