I’m pretty sure South Dakota Dems claimed they were rebuilding last year too.

From Dakota News Now, comes a story on how the South Dakota Democrat Party is “rebuilding:”

Despite financial issues and more lost legislative candidates, the South Dakota Democratic Party is looking for improvements next year.

Seiler tells Dakota Radio Group the organization has solved most of its financial problems, and that they have a blueprint to rebuild the party.

Read that all here.

Hmm. That’s odd. I have this strange sense of deja vu.

I can’t help but think I’ve heard about this South Dakota Democrat Party rebuilding concept somewhere before. From WNAX at the end of 2019:

The South Dakota Democratic Party is rebuilding and pointing toward next year’s election.

Party Chairman Randy Seiler says they plan to build from the county level up….

Seiler says they will focus on legislative races next fall…

Read and listen to the entire story from a year ago here.

If South Dakota Democrat’s new 2021 ‘rebuilding’ plans are anything like their prior ‘rebuilding’ plans where they were going to “focus on legislative races” and ended up experiencing historic losses – I can’t wait!

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  1. As a conservative, I’m a firm believer in a strong two-party system.
    It holds everyone accountable while creating fairly good government/legislation, etc. Yet, the SD Democrat Party continues to barely tread water while shooting itself in both feet, forgetting the very rudimentary elements of a strong party structure. In my opinion, the SD Republicans figured it out after Dick Kneip was gone, build a base from the local level on up. Since then, the Republican party’s local, county and state-level apparatus has grown to be a driving force in state politics. The Dems seem to have forgotten altogether this very simple thing – start small by growing your candidates at the community committee, local non-profit board, school board, city council levels while keeping in mind the importance of being more centrist as opposed to adopting some of the radical, national party viewpoints. Randy Seiler really had no other option but to say what he said. The SD Dems are a mess with really nothing to look forward to now or in the near future. It is going to take a truly charismatic leader with deep pockets to raise this Titanic from the depths of irrelevance.

  2. At least in terms of legislative seats, I don’t think the Democrats can stand another “rebuild”.

  3. They should field better candidates who believe in limited government, low taxes, individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and life.

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  4. They rebuild (good for them), while we crumble. The GOP is falling apart because we have walked away from Republican values in blind support of Adolf Trump.
    So while I see how condensing you attempted to be in your original post the reality is we are the one who need to rebuild after the massive failure of Trumpism.

    1. Exactly
      Trump is tearing the GOP apart and it seems so-called republicans are okay with it. It is high past time that we leave the Donald behind once and for all. And for Gods sake stop sending him money. We will be the one rebuilding and eating crow.

    2. Alan B (bonehead?) Since you gave Trump a name, I did the same . I am assuming that ‘Adolf’ is referring that you think of Trump as a Nazi type. So, that tells me that you associate with Antifa. Antifa’s rhetoric and actions parallel that of the Nazi Brown Shirts of the 1930’s. Terrorize your opponents, shout them down, attack them physically, stir up others against their opponents by name calling and labelling. Destroy businesses and march through the streets beating anybody who disagrees. That’s what history tells how Hitler came to power. That is todays Antifa. Sounds to me, you are much more like Hitler than Trump is.

      PS How is the GOP falling apart? They took more legislative seats from the Dems again this year. Bonehead? Yeah, it applies.

      1. Anonymous, ah, at least you tried. See you only see the GOP as in South Dakota, which is part of the problem. I am talking about the bug picture which you are incapable of. Yes, Trumpnis Nazi-like and his supporters are Nazi-like. Republicans who see this are speaking out and I stand behind them.
        If you don’t think there is a split in the party then I suggest you do more research and open your eyes.

        1. Alan B/Anonymous… you seem to be having a conversation with yourself, since you’re the same person. Which seems to be a lot like the Democrat’s legislative caucus.

        2. Anon 3:33 is not the the same anon 3:30. So . . . Alan ‘B’, Pat’s post was about SD Dems not National Dems, you threw in the national politics as you say, the ‘bug’ picture. I don’t think the National GOP is on the decline either since the GOP were supposed to lose House seats but actually GAINED seats. Trump had more votes cast for him this year than when he won in 2016 ! Alan, You keep accusing Trump, as ANTIFA and the liberals do, of being like the Nazis. I think you are one of them. Please give examples of Trump being Nazi like, as I have done with your ANTIFA allies.

    3. I am not sure what GOP you have been part of but, the current GOP abandon us years ago. When was the LAST time the Republicans controlled the House and and Senate and balanced the budget, it was in the 90s!. There is NOTHING Conservative about Thune and Rounds and many other Rs as they have spent us into oblivion along with the Democrats. So while Trump is tearing up the Republican party, it needs be torn apart as they have not represented us. They surrender and retreat, look what they did to the Tea Party which was born out of frustrated Conservatives.

      So yeah I guess MANY of us don’t care as this Republican party does not represent Conservativism at all. You cannot argue with facts but, we are what, 27 Trillion or so in the hole and most of that has been born over the last 20 or so years and Republicans have presided over it. How about how the Bush Administration got us into a 20+ year war over lies in relation to weapons of Mass Destruction. The amount of money and lives lost is an atrocity yet we sit her and blame Democrats for our woes. There is a REASON Donald Trump defeated, what I would say, was the best group of GOP candidates we had seen in years in 2016. The GOP as MANY of you know, it is dead and we were all just waiting for ONE person to step and fight for us and not a one of the people put in front of us was for us. 78 Million Americans voted for Trump so I would say you Anti Trumpers are in the minority

      President Trump is not perfect and has many faults just like the rest of us but, he has balls to do SOMETHING. Every president since Regan sat up there and said they would move the embassy to Jerusalem yet NOT one did it. President Trump said it and did it yet, was lambasted, WHY cause he followed through on a promise. He promised to replace Obamacare yet what did the Republican controlled House and Senate do, NOTHING!!!!. This is all this clowns have ran on for the last 10 years yet didn’t step up and do it when they had a chance. Every presidential candidate has talked about border security yet none have even tried, yet Trump does and he is Racist. See Republicans talk a good game but, dont DO ANYTHING. This is why Americans on both sides of the isle are frustrated as both parties suck and do nothing but, line their pockets. How is that al these folks making a 170k a year come out multimillionaires. Most of you can sit here and bash Trump all you want but, this stuff has been going on for 30+ years, so yeah the Republican party is Toast as it sits. Their failure to stand up for the clear election fraud has just sealed our fate and NO outsider will ever win again, it will be the Uni-parties preselected candidates winning.

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