State Dems select new Executive Director Ehrmantraut. Seiler still says things are looking up. Ermergerd.

As they’ve gone from rebuilding in 2019 to rebuilding for the upcoming election, State Democrats are claiming (once again) that things are looking up for them. Again.

“Former U.S. Attorney Randy Seiler, who ran for attorney general in 2018 and now serves as the party’s chairman, said things are looking up for Democrats, with President Joe Biden and Democrats in control of both houses of Congress.“

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Seiler still says things are looking up? Ermergerd.  Which is kind of an ironic thing to say, since their new ED’s name is easily confused with the term. Yes, they’ve hired a new executive director to captain the Titanic… well, to run the South Dakota Democrat party by the name of Berk Ehrmantraut:

“It’s always great to bring a young person back to South Dakota. It is even better to bring back someone who is committed to advancing policies that help working families and building the Democratic party across the state,” said Randy Seiler, chairman of the state Democratic Party.

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Ehrmantraut had previously worked in the House Minority office, as noted here where he was raising money from Lobbyists in the State Capitol during session:

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Prior to working in the House Minority Office, he had also worked on the Billie Sutton campaign where he gave Sutton lists of people to call for money.

The South Dakota Democrat party needed a new Executive Director, so why not Ehmantraut?

With the SDGOP out-registering Democrats by nearly 124,000 voters, It’s not like they have anywhere to go but up.

8 thoughts on “State Dems select new Executive Director Ehrmantraut. Seiler still says things are looking up. Ermergerd.”

  1. I always get a kick out of the dems are wanting to advance policies that help working families. How is the hidden tax of inflation and the touted tax increases help working families, most of which make less than the $400,000? And how do racist policies against whites help working families with small businesses impacted by covid?

    1. Oh, come now, Springer; uncle Karl knew best, comrade.

      By associating themselves with the Democrat (Marxist) party nationally, the SDDP is bowing the knee to the pagan, anti-American ideals of Marxism, whether they choose to admit it or not.

      Also, how can you claim to be pro-working family when one of your beloved party platforms is free, unfettered access to abortion, a practice which kills quite a few future workers every year?

    2. The reality is they just hate us. The democrat party in its current construct is a cult of hate. They hate us. End of story. The sooner we accept this, the more effective and successful our party can be.

  2. They ceased to be relevant when they decided Tim Johnson and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin were Republican-lite.

    Until they repudiate the progressive wing of the National Democrat Socialist Party, they will never be relevant. It is their choice.

  3. “progressive “ is an odd word for those people. They are regressive in most ways. I think they think they win the war by getting a cool name
    Given that they’ve bombed places like Minneapolis and Portland back into the Stone Age, we should call them the Troglodyte Wing of the Democrat, knuckle draggers welcome

  4. I guess if the Watertown’s election for mayor is an example of things “looking up” for the democrats I will get on that wagon…..ha ha!

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