State Rep. Tamara St. John speaks out regarding Haugaard comments

Tonight, Republican State Representative Tamara St. John, representing District 1, expressed her deep concern with comments by State Representative Steve Haugaard.

Haugaard, representing District 10, was speaking on a bill against medical marijuana where he referred to a woman supposedly addicted using the term “wrung out whore” to describe her:

(The second tweet was posted for a while, and appears it was later deleted.)

It’s notable, as St. John is a conservative legislator, and this is a particularly sharp rebuke for the former Speaker.

11 thoughts on “State Rep. Tamara St. John speaks out regarding Haugaard comments”

  1. Kristi Noem seems tough enough to be governor, but St. John’s pearl-clutching doesn’t reflect well on either of them.

    Does Tamara need to go to her safe space and have a good cry? Mean Mr. Haugaard repeated the W-word.

    How do they think this garbage is going to play among male voters? It’s a good day for Jamie Smith.

    1. Wow. I am not sure what to say to that. Except to think you are anonymous for a reason. And you aren’t helping Haugaard’s cause. At all.

  2. I’m a Republican and it sickens me to know one of our candidates used that language, especially on the floor of the House of Representatives. It is degrading to women and it was used in the direction of a Native American with a drug problem. This shows a complete disregard for people suffering from drug addiction and a contempt for women.

    1. So does Ravnsborg. this is the era we are in. Condemn. Call for resignation. Impeach.

  3. Does anyone remember Todd Akin, Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, richard Mourdock?

    Haugaard is of the same tier of candidates.

  4. Haugaard’s comments were ill-advised and deserve a rebuke. But he ought to be able to lay this to rest with a sincere apology.

    Some of the reactions to his comments seem to take a page out of the Democrat gotcha identity politics playbook and are themselves offensive.

    We don’t need crassness and we don’t need hair trigger outrage mob politics either.

  5. I have come to greatly respect Representative St Johns passion for unleashing factual historical truth in all matters without ever an angry word about retribution or revenge. That isn’t in her DNA. That said though I also know that guys say things to one another which are unkind and mean which most guys just shrug off. On the other hand a woman never ever forgets a mean word spoken to her. Keep that in mind boyfriends, husbands and politicians when you whip your tongue with indecent words.

    1. Only women are sensitive. Is that what you’re saying, Charlie? Many men remember words (mean or not), too.

  6. Caleb remember my words well as what happened yesterday that affects tomorrow negatively will always be a big deal regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.
    “And you can’t be both regardless of how you feel”.

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