Tapio takes personal crusade against Muslims to Sioux Falls City Council

Congressional ‘explorer’ Neal Tapio was back at it again last night, pursuing his personal crusade against Muslim immigrants at the Sioux Falls City Council, demanding that the Sioux Falls City Council vote to “keep them the hell out of our country:”

Some raised concerns about the perception that higher crime rates follow new Americans to Sioux Falls, and former U.S. House of Representatives candidate Neal Tapio urged the council to “pause” Sioux  Falls’ acceptance until the federal government takes more steps to vet refugees.

For instance, Tapio said no more refugees should be welcomed to the United States until immigrants who subscribe to Sharia Law, which holds Islamic traditions above modern laws, are not allowed.

“Keep them the hell out of our country,” he said. “Our current system does not do that.”

Read that here.

Neal must have thought this would be some sort of moment for him, as he live-streamed his speech on Facebook.  And while it got him a few lines in the paper… that was about it.

Council members passed a measure to continue accepting refugees. And that was that.

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  1. Well no shit, there are Christians being slaughtered by the tens of thousands in Africa, bring THEM here! At least THEY Share our values and don’t treat women like property. They’re refugees of their own failed Governments ran by other Muslims. They aren’t refugees, they’re victims of their own failed religion. Bring ACTUAL refugees like the Christians in Africa being persecuted by Muslims. Islam is a religion of conflict and patriarchal dominance. They do not share our values and even the peaceful ones refuse to stand against wrongdoing. This is all bullshit political stunt to destroy Blue collar America and usher in a Socialist hellhole.

    1. Amen and commissioners city council and Mayor have not done due diligence in holding LSS feet to the fire. .enough of all these issues and bigoted “voices of peace” as a front for CAIR . Wake up South Dakota!

  2. Yeah sure, every Muslim you meet will be nice to your face just like you are always nice to everyone else’s face. Just because “I have Muslim Friends” doesn’t mean you even begin to understand a single crumb of the sandy beach that is Islamic terror

  3. We appreciate all the attention and help you provide in getting Neil’s message out to masses. Thanks Pat👍

  4. The Appomattox County, Virginia refuses to become a refugee sanctuary.

    Beltrami County, MN county commissioners take up President Trump’s offer to opt-out of refugee resettlement.

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott will not be accepting more refugees in 2020.

    This rejection by counties and states is going to continue. There is a massive economic strain being put on communities when they accept refugees, and many places are experiencing increased crime. The American citizens saying NO are not racists or islamophobic… or are they?

    1. “The American citizens saying NO are not racists or islamophobic… or are they?”

      The issue is the “Muslim Brotherhood”, and not all Muslims. Therefore it is not about race. The Muslim Brotherhood has a strong foothold in Sioux Falls, and it is gaining strength in Pierre thanks to help from LSS, who are making money on this issue.

      The reason LSS is not bringing in Christian refugees is because they would be severely persecuted in United Nation’s refugee camps by those that LSS is welcoming into America, so the Christians stay away from such camps.

      Pat, you need to drop the political grand standing and seek the truth. Attacking Tapio just because in maybe opposition to Dusty is not helping the above situation, but is instead fostering it.

      1. Steve, migrants and refugees are doing the work nobody else wants to do. Dairies, combining, meat packing. How would you replace those workers?

      2. Steve, I care about winning elections.

        This issue didn’t win the election two years ago.

        It’s not going to win today.

        1. Elections are more important than providing safety to persecuted Christians? Why not bring the facts that correctly turns this issue 180 degrees?

          The link supports the point that Sioux Falls is tuning its back on Christian refugees and is instead supporting those who are doing the persecuting:


            1. No, but is t seems the United Nations Refugee programs don’t believe Christians are worthy of protection. Tapio’s point is that we need a valid vetting system so that we can filter out the persecutors from the persecuted.

  5. Steve: LSS brought in several hundred Burmese refugees who were persecuted Christians and are member of our parish.

    All: We are talking about 100 persecuted REFUGEES granted entrance to this country by the Trump State Department. That is .053% of our population. That is the equivalent of one refugee in Potter County. Does anyone really believe one person moving into Potter County would disrupt the entire County, lead to a crime spree, bring Sharia law to the county, and ruin the school system? Really?

    Are we really that insecure about the enduring quality of our system of government, our citizens, and our God?

    We (the USA, SD, Sioux Falls, my parish) can do this and should do this because we have been abundantly blessed and these people live where they can see Hell on Earth.

    1. And LSS is leaving persecuted Christians behind and living on Hell on Earth, while bringing in some who create Hell on Earth. Again, the program does not have a functioning vetting process. And second; South Dakota’s LSS did not fair well during an audit of their resettlement program. Smells a lot like Gear Up.

      1. Steve,

        Do you realize that LSS doesn’t pick a single refugee to be resettled here? They are all selected by the State Department.

  6. So much fake news around this issue. The assumption is refugees = muslims. No fact based data, just stories. Four refugees from Syria now live in SD. In fact the ENTIRE number of refugees resettled in SD last year was 395 individuals within Sioux Falls and 44 in Huron. As is often the case, Tapio plays fast and loose with the issue.

  7. While I hope I never become a refugee, should it happen, I hope there is a community that will welcome my family and me. We understand that we are guests; we have to adjust to the host community’s rules and culture, at the same time, share our culture with our hosts. We should welcome all vetted refugees regardless of race, religion, culture, etc.

    For our refugee guests:
    Welcome to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. You can relax now, you’re safe. Just a few thing things to keep in mind:

    We have our own set of laws and rules. Take some time to learn them as they can be bit complicated. Please follow them. If you don’t, there will be consequences.

    While we don’t have an ‘official’ language, please try to learn American English. You’ll find your life here much easier if you do. You don’t have to be perfect, just try to make the effort.

    We have our own culture, don’t ask us change. We are not about to give up our Halloween, Christmas, Football or steak. We will try to learn about your culture and will try to accommodate your celebrations as well.

    We are a generous people. We will help get settle, provide you with the basics. However, there is an expectation for you to step up and start providing for yourself and your family. While this is the land of opportunity what you do with it is entirely up to you.

    Again, Welcome to America

    Just a friendly tip: it snows here, a lot. Sandals and t-shirts are not enough, get some winter coats and snow boots.

    For LSS:

    As their sponsors, make sure everything above happens. We will holding you responsible for them.

    For everyone else:
    We have some guests from different cultures coming here. They are coming here because they have nowhere else to go. Welcome them, and help them get settled in and acclimate to our society.

    Neal Tapio’s concerns have merit. We have all seen videos of Somali gangs randomly attacking people in Minneapolis. The key is for the community to know they are coming, and work with the sponsors to help them acclimate to our communities.

  8. I think America needs to curtail the influx of immigrants and refuges drastically. Far too often these people are not assimilating but, doing as they do back home. We have over 160 languages in Sioux Falls alone in a population of around 200k, which is ridiculous. We have a “Immigrant” gang problem on the east side of Sioux Falls and it baffles me that you come to this country for a better life only to target your new welcoming neighbors. I say no thanks! America has enough of its own problems and D-Bags to deal with and we don’t need 3rd world refugees and immigrants who don’t want to assimilate, we cannot afford it anymore. The fact that SF City council has discussed Spanish Drivers license tests is udder nonsense. If you can’t read you can’t drive because you are unable to read road signs. This bend over backwards to accommodate these people with money and resources is out of control Meanwhile we have US veterans who have fought for this country with medical and mental challenges that should be addressed FIRST. We also have a growing homeless problem and massive drug epidemic. F#$k the rest of the world we need to start taking care of our own, Americans first, everyone else 2nd. This is simple concept and its not racist or any kind of “phobe” its called common sense. We are committing cultural and economic suicide by ignoring basic common sense.

    To those who use that tired line “we are all immigrants” that is just flat out false. Throughout history tribes of people have moved everywhere and boarders and countries have changed. The Native Americans are perfect examples, they came across the land bridge thousands of years ago and were the first here and for years they fought each other to take territory and land from each other. Europe’s map for centuries has changed with people moving in and out etc. So No I am not an Immigrant as my family came her over 150 years ago so just can that, its a BS argument. We have an established country and culture that started 240 years ago

    Another Note – Folks who say stupid sh!t like, we need them for jobs Americans will not do need their head examined. Folks will work if you pay them a wage that is fair and if we required folks to work before getting any assistance, this problem can solve itself

    1. This is the US. Learn the language. I agree. At least attempt to simulate a US born citizen!

      Don’t do as No More and put these words in the same paragraph. ‘ The fact that SF City council has discussed Spanish Drivers license tests is udder nonsense. If you can’t read you can’t drive because you are unable to read road signs.’

      That is udderly inconsistent with begging tourists to visit our country and expecting what we get when visiting across the pond. Milk that cow if you brung her!

      1. I don’t think we are begging tourists to come here nor do I personally care if they do. I have visited several countries and they do not all accommodate English nor would I expect them to which is why I don’t drive when I get to these places. This is not about tourism is about bringing people here to live permanently. Everyone with any common sense knows when you visit a different country they play by a different set of rules are not rolling out the red carpet and this should be expected. I ensure I observe local customs and try not to stick out if I CHOOSE to visit a country. Bottom line, assimilate and add value or GTFO and find a country that better suits your needs, we don’t need any more people to “take care of”

        1. Though I agree with a few of your comments, you are udderly(utterly) incapable of either expressing your thoughts or comprehending mine . Please don’t lecture me on our marketing to foreign tourists. An intoctcikated traveler on a cruise has no idea of the marketing that brings travelers into our world much less understanding the fact that they look at you like they do not understand our language when you fail to articulate our language sober or otherwise..rockey grownd four bof u and i!

          1. Jack – I guess I am drunk as I am not following what you are trying to say so my apologies. I am simply saying I am not concerned about Tourism in the US, period. It’s great as it boosts the economy but, my point is when folks come to LIVE, assimilate, or leave. We cannot have people showing up here sucking off the tit of government programs. We should focus on Americans 1st.

  9. It is so frustrating people keep combining/conflating with refugees, legal immigrants and illegal immigrants.

    Whether they do it out of ignorance (if you are this uninformed, get informed before forming an opinion) or bigotry (let’s just lump into one bucket people who don’t look or talk like me), it significantly and materially insures we will never even address the first priority to solve the illegal immigrant problem (taking the money from defense to build the wall is a poor and non-sustainable way to get something done).

    The vast preponderance of the CRIME, BUDGETARY, TAX, ASSIMILATION, ETC. problems are from ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS (probably over 99%). When idiots lump LEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEES (1% of the problem, if that much),YOU are absolutely the primary and most significant reason we will never ADDRESS the 99% of the problem. ITS TRULY MORONIC.

    1. Tara, I think we need to shut down for business (illegal, legal, refugee, etc) for a while. No matter how you slice and dice it we have entirely too many dependent/needy folks showing up at our doorsteps and we are not doing enough to help ourselves. This country is the most generous in the world and it’s costing us more and more. Too many folks are not assimilating into society like they used to. When you see hoards of people around the country protesting with Flags from other countries demanding this and that, that is disheartening and a slap in the face. I think you either need to be part of the country and assimilate or find a place better suited to your needs. I am amazed at how hositle people are to this kind of thought process and start to call you names like racist, bigot, etc. I don’t think its too much to ask to pull you own weight and be part of this great country. Learn the language, respect our culture and laws, understand you need to change as we are not changing for you. You would not let someone move into your house and start telling you what to do in our own home especially if they are not paying their fair share. This is the same thing, ridiculous!!

      1. I mean Troy not Tara, apologies. I saw her post way up and her name stuck in my brain.

      2. Shut it down,

        You might think we should shut it all down. And, it is your right to advocate it.

        And do you want to know what the end result that will be done: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. No reduction in refugees. No reduction in legal immigrants. And MORE illegal immigrants.

        The reason that will be the case is there will never be a majority consensus in both Houses and White House to do it all and you will allow the the open border people to continue to perfect their capabilities to cross it.

        So, the net result is of your policy advocacy to “shut it down” is you are an unwitting tool of those who want open borders. In fact, the result of all your efforts is exactly the same as the cartels, employers who like to exploit illegal immigrants, human traffickers, and those who want to create a permanent liberal majority in this country.

        However, if you’d support the President,, Senator Rounds, and the others in our delegation who are trying to get focused legislation which will close the border to illegal immigration and get rid of the immigration lottery, we can address 99% of the problem.

        So what is it?

        Are you willing to live with the status quo while you demand perfection or nothing? Or are you willing to accept 99% of the problem being solved in away that will survive loss of a House or change in Presidency? It’s pretty simple. It’s up to you. What do you choose?

        1. Troy – I agree and I am not naive enough to think we will get it all, something is better than nothing, right? I think many like myself or just plain tired of it. This is where I live, raise my kids, and it’s my identity as a South Dakotan. We are an open welcoming place I think myself, like many, are starting to feel like strangers in our own home.

          1. We on our side needs to encourage and not denigrate those who are working to get something done. If there is going to be a solution, Mike Rounds is in the thick of doing the hard work on illegal immigration, in particular focused on a secure border and ending lottery immigration. His compromise is expanding merit-based immigration (which Trump supports). But to get that, he is vilified by too many because he isn’t insisting on the whole enchilada. Dusty Johnson has essentially the same position and he gets primary opposition over this very issue.

            We need secure borders now and every person demanding the whole enchilada is a tool of the open border people, including Tapio.

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