The Great SDWC 2017 Fish & Chips tour of Washington DC

My wife mocks me for it, but there’s one thing I have a tendency to do when I’m visiting or vacationing on the east coast.

We’re cattle country here in South Dakota, and when we do it, we do it up correctly. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a well-cooked steak. But when you’re out in the part of the country where they catch fish, one would be remiss to not sample good fresh seafood.  What my wife mocks me for is the fact I have a soft spot for fish & chips, which when done correctly, is unbeatable for taste.

And I might even go out of my way if a local eatery is renowned for doing it well. Counted in that number are a number of themed establishments which serve either British or Irish fare. So, while my wife was conferencing this week in DC, I was out exploring the town, and when on my own for lunch, I jumped on the Metro or pinged Uber so I could sample some of the best fish & chips that our nation’s capital had to offer.

1. The Dubliner (Union Station area):  

If you’re up visiting on the hill visiting Senators Rounds & Thune or Congresswoman Noem, one of the better restaurants in the immediate area is the Irish themed “The Dubliner.”   The Dubliner is literally the best Irish Pub in Washington, DC, and the food is fantastic.

When they refer to their Fish & Chips as world famous, they aren’t kidding, as they regularly end up on top five or top ten lists for them.  They consisted of North American pollack, Harp beer batter, cottage fries, & tartar sauce, with the two pieces of fish cooked perfectly. Not a hint of greasiness, and you received them piping hot.  Prices were good, and well worth it.

2. Eamonn’s, A Dublin Chipper. (King Street, Alexandria, VA) 

This is the only photo of the group that isn’t my own but it is a perfect example of what you get at this no-frills location in Alexandria, which I discovered a few years back.   I made a point to visit there again this past week, and wasn’t disappointed.

The food is good, if not a little expensive for what you’re getting. A 6oz piece of cod will set you back $10, and the chips are pretty basic. But it’s still a good home-cooked meal if you’re in the area. You can also get fried sausages or a fried cadbury egg when they’re in the Easter season.  Again, not a hint of greasiness, and service is terrific here. In fact, they messed up my order, and I ended up being brought a nice piece of fish for free. I can’t complain about that.

3. Rí Rá Irish Pub (Georgetown, Washington, DC)

Was I complaining about the portion size at Eamonn’s? I was almost in shock when I saw the size of this lightly breaded, and perfectly cooked hubcap of Icelandic Haddock. It was HUGE, and so, so good.

In fact, if I could make a confession, for someone of heavily Irish descent, I’m not a big potato guy.  I generally never order fries, I pass on baked potatoes, etc.  It’s just not my thing. I’d rather have broccoli, or something else.  But in the 2017 Fish & Chips tour, they hands down had the best chips.  And the food was outstanding.

My wife and I shared an appetizer of “banger bites,” a bite size portion of bangers, an Irish/British mild sausage. And they were to die for.  This stop on the tour deserves it’s place in the top five lists of the area, and even if you’re not a big fish person, they’ll have something for you that might be the best you’ve ever had for that dish.

4. The Queen Vic (Washington, DC)

The Queen Vic was the sole vendor of British Fare in the tour, but it was no less good than any of the places I ate at, as I enjoyed my brunch meal out on their back patio.  The staff was fantastic, and the food was great.

Yes, that’s my camera bag by my plate, in case you were wondering scale. Here’s another perfectly cooked massive piece of fish that comes out tender and steaming.   The chips were probably the second best of the tour, and it was great food all around.

In fact, it was so good, I stopped back that evening with my wife, who had their oysters on the half-shell. She was glad to report that those were fantastic as well.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, as they all do their meals well, and service is terrific.  If you’re ever in our nation’s capital, and have a hankering for a piping hot meal of Fish & Chips, you can’t go wrong at any of these award winning and renowned local eateries.

And let me know if you’re going. I might just decide to tag along!

9 thoughts on “The Great SDWC 2017 Fish & Chips tour of Washington DC”

  1. Mr. PP, this is the kind of blogging that can really get a fellow excited. I can’t tell you how my mouth is watering right now. You are an intrepid explorer of gastronomic experiences and I appreciate your taking photographs to share as well. By golly those meals must have been extraordinary!

  2. Pat I had a friend take me to a famous DC place for crab cakes and although they were good I would rather have gone to at least one of the places on your tour and had Fish & Chips with a nice beer. Yum! Those photos can be considered a form of torture. 🙂

    Good time of the year to go. My visit was in July and it was miserable with the heat and humidity.

  3. Dubliner is on my must do but I have a meal which is steak strips soaked in a sauce which is mostly Gorgonzola cheese and neat double Irish whiskey.

  4. These all look awesome and when I get to DC they will be on my list. Next time you are in Pierre I can recommend the fish and chips at the Zesto. The portion size will leave you wanting more, but it’s only 5 bucks… so order two.

  5. Damn you crack me up. This is now a foodie blog as well. I’m a fish and chips lover myself so your tour is killing me. Nice work

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