The latest from our self-declared ‘conservative’ savior: Government prints dollars to bribe the masses. Not including himself, I’m sure.

Now that he doesn’t have to trouble himself with trying to run as a Republican anymore, what’s the latest from our self-anointed savior, “Toby Doeden for South Dakota?”  His latest declaration is that “Our Gov’t prints/creates trillions of dollars in 3 years and uses much of it to bribe the masses into compliance in an attempt to maintain power.”

I mean, damn.. what could be worse than the masses being bribed into compliance with government money?

I’m sure Toby is going to get right out there and give taxpayers back that $1.15 million of the forgiven coronavirus loan he got from the Paycheck Protection Program.

You can search the database yourself right here.

15 thoughts on “The latest from our self-declared ‘conservative’ savior: Government prints dollars to bribe the masses. Not including himself, I’m sure.”

  1. Wait! Did Toby Doeden (Not A Republican) get paid off so he would not run for Congress like he was so sure he would? Is that the reason he dropped out?

    It was not long ago when he posted his “Taxation is Theft” simpleton meme. That was removed prior to his announcing he was going to become an explorer scheme.

    He to me is a walking, talking and posting stereotypical used car salesman wearing a 100% polyester plaid sport coat working at some seedy used car lot that will say and claim anything to make a sale. Making fun of the customers behind their backs as they drive away.

  2. There’s always a guy like this spouting his opinions and principles in one breath, and then taking a government check in the next breath. If he played by the rules, I don’t care, but remember the millions you’ve taken over the years when you want to criticize all those programs. Reminds me the conservative farmers who consistently cash government farm checks.

    1. “farmers who consistently cash government farm checks” is a flat-out lie. I haven’t cashed a government check in years. It’s all done by electronic funds transfer! 😋

  3. What does this anti-government hypocrite do with this money?

    Buys properties jacking up the rent 50% forcing a single mother out. How many more?

    Gets a TIF from the taxpayers of Aberdeen.

    Promotes shady Crypto currency that is unregulated and high risk besides used by rouge governments and organized crime. Vulnerable uneducated investors could really take a hit on this. Why would Toby Doeden promote Crypto? These consume an enormous amount of electricity placing local rate payers at risk of seeing increases in their bills.

  4. He claimed he wants what is best for the people of Aberdeen and himself. After purchasing and building a C-Stores that have video lottery machines in them he promoted and opened up the largest Casino, and Liquor store in Aberdeen. We will see what happens with the tobacco side of this but it appears to be the largest one stop addiction for profit emporium in the region.

    When all the socio-economic costs are factored it is a money loser for communities and states. Looks to me a community parasite than a self promoting philanthropist where there is always some angle. The so called social and fiscal conservatives that support this guy are either incredibly gullible or makes them look like hypocrites. Right up the ally of politically fringe Libertarians and Constitutional Party types though.
    South Dakota ranked #2 in gambling addiction.

  5. He’s going to quickly find out state voters wont put up with a petty turd who is attempting to transform Aberdeen into his personal fiefdom.

    1. Because he’s a complete clown, and you have to drive by slowly when you see that dumpster burning. For example..

      Evil Taylor Swift

      Can you imagine this person as a congressional candidate? Absolutely not, but he’s a goldmine of sh*tshow moments.

  6. What next? As much as this Chump plays the Christian card will his next scheme be to get ordained as a minister via some cheesy mail order seminary, open up a church, sell & market “Moccasin Creak Miracle Water personally blessed by Toby Doeden” nationwide, create a podcast, have a Holy cash bar, Divine video lottery machines, Introduce the new “World Famous Religious Freedom Burger” for a reasonable price. All Tax Exempt!

  7. The government has in effect decreased the value of the US dollar by 20% twice in less than 10 years. The acceleration was in 2008 too big to fail and 2020 covid and reaction to Ukraine, If your retired that is 40% of your purchasing power.
    We need to get rid of the trio of Johnson, Thune, and Rounds who represent the establishment republicans that contributed to the problem as well as enabled the democrats to cause this decline of the dollar. .

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