Thune Responds to President Biden’s Joint Session Address

Thune Responds to President Biden’s Joint Session Address

“For the sake of South Dakota and the United States, I sincerely hope the president reverses course. The challenges we face as a nation are too great to go it alone.”

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today released the following statement in response to President Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress:

“The past year has challenged Americans as our country continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic and recover from the economic crisis it caused. I believe our brightest days lie ahead – but only if we work together.

“President Biden tonight echoed themes of bipartisanship and unity from his inaugural address, but South Dakotans can clearly see the difference between talk and action. While the president is quick to talk about bipartisanship, he has yet to meaningfully work with Republicans and has given cover to the far-left wing of his party as it works to undermine the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment, and even the very nature of the Senate designed by our Founding Fathers. One of his first acts as president was caving to the extremist left wing of his party at South Dakota’s expense by cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline and killing thousands of good-paying jobs.

“With a 50-50 split in the Senate and one of the slimmest majorities in the House of Representatives in modern history, the president must realize he does not have a mandate for his partisan, big-spending policies. If President Biden sincerely wants to work with congressional Republicans to fix our nation’s infrastructure and create a greater quality of life for every American, he will not find a more willing partner than me. But if the president continues to pursue a costly and one-sided agenda, he can expect fierce opposition from Republicans in Congress.

“On the eve of his 100th day in office, it’s time for President Biden to choose whether the rest of his presidency will be defined by the rank partisanship seen in his first 100 days or if he will live by the words of his inaugural address.

“For the sake of South Dakota and the United States, I sincerely hope the president reverses course. The challenges we face as a nation are too great to go it alone.”


5 thoughts on “Thune Responds to President Biden’s Joint Session Address”

  1. Once again, Sen. Thune offers vague empty promises, but no concrete ideas. SD deserves better than a harping shill in the Senate. 4 years of “infrastructure week” being a pathetic punchline of inaction and intellectual impotence and now someone on the other side actually got off their butt to put something together and the best Thune can do is whine that he and his deadbeat lackeys weren’t involved in the discussions they never bothered to show up for? What a crock.

  2. For the sake of South Dakota and the United States, I sure hope the republican party reverses its course. Being the party of the rich and just say no will not solve any problems. Maybe they could lie about another tax break.

    1. Ah, the usual jealous statement of a liberal-I don’t have as much as someone else so life is unfair and I should get a participation trophy for showing up.

      1. This is a typical ignorant comment, and we wonder why the GOP is turning into the party of space lasers….. Logically, tax cuts on the high end are the most practical approach to pay for things we need right now. Wealth has been consolidated to the top end more than any other time in recent history. I don’ think we can pass the buck to another generation when it comes to the safety and stability of our nations infrastructure. We need to spend money, where do you propose we get the money from, John thinks we should cut Social Security, but look at how volatile the stock market has been (gamestop), putting our eggs all in that basket isn’t smart. Cutting Medicaid/care right now, isn’t a good idea, and who wants to touch defense? In lieu of more deficit, get the money from the most practical place. instead of ad hominen, please share your pragmatic approach to solving this problem.

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