Thune Statement on President Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee

Thune Statement on President Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee

“The president must obtain the consent of the Senate before his nominee to the Supreme Court can take the bench, and I plan to approach this nomination process with the respect it deserves.”

 RAPID CITY, S.D. — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today released the following statement after President Biden nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court:

“The president must obtain the consent of the Senate before his nominee to the Supreme Court can take the bench, and I plan to approach this nomination process with the respect it deserves,” said Thune. “It is vital that we confirm judges who understand their responsibility is not to make law, but only to apply it as it is written. They must understand the importance of an impartial judiciary and reject the urge to legislate from the bench. The Constitution and the rule of law must be their guideposts, not personally preferred political outcomes.

“These are the standards by which I will consider Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States. I will be conducting a thorough review of Judge Jackson’s record, and, after doing so, I will seek to meet with her as her nomination to be a justice on the nation’s highest court is debated by the Senate.”


15 thoughts on “Thune Statement on President Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee”

  1. The standard for grLtilling potential justises has been set by the democrats.

    Leave no stone uncovered.

    Make up lies and accusations.

    Drag the candidate through the mud

    Make up lies and accusation.

    Yup, thats about it.

  2. Sounds like a bunch of Thune BS to me… Unless I AM mistaken, didn’t he vote against her nomination to the US Court of Appeals last year? Thune is full of it…

    1. No she is a complete lefty and if you are following the Washington Post for your source, you are a leftie as well. I note Democrats think the debate should be dignified and not acrimonious like the one over Kavanaugh. That dignity will last until there is another Republican nominee and they can go back to their character assassinating ways. What hypocrites these Democrats be.

      1. You obviously didn’t read the article, and you don’t know me.

        Compare and contrast her to Kavanaugh in the most objective way possible. This person is far too serious for the likes of you to understand in any way.

  3. The good judge is far more qualified than 4 of the 8 sitting justices were upon their own confirmations. She holds two Harvard degrees, has public defender experiences, and served on federal district and appellate courts for over a decade. How is that not qualified? She’s more qualified than Kavanaugh and Barret are combined.

  4. She is a woman and she is black. Those were the only considerations in her nomination. At least he didn’t nominate Mooschell.

  5. Both parties and this process are broken. Is she qualified? Of course. Was Barrett qualified? Of course. Elections have consequences and it is so destructive that members of both parties substitute “qualified” with “whom I want.” Most unfortunate.

  6. Criticize, criticize, criticize, criticize. The democrats criticized Trump selections, republicans criticized the democrats for being critical of his selections. Now the republicans are criticizing Biden’s choice. Neither party has any morals, both are hypocrites. If anything is going to be changed someone is going to have to step to the plate soon and start acting as mature responsible adults and U.S. Senators. I do not care if it is a republican or a democrat that does it, but the childish behavior these individuals display is a disgrace to the process, themselves, young people, and to the world. Who do you suppose will step to the plate first? My guess is no one will. No wonder the system is dysfunctional, no one is capable of respectful leadership anymore.

  7. Mitch’s boy will get in line with whatever the party leader says, he tries to act tough like this, but we all know he is just a follower.

  8. This is exactly what every Senator, Republican or Democrat, should do with every nominee, whether submitted by a Democrat or Republican.

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