Unsuccessful 2018 & 2020 Dem candidate gearing up to be unsuccessful against Dusty Johnson for Congress

After losing races against Republicans in 2018 and 2020, an unsuccessful Democrat appears to be gearing himself up to run against Dusty Johnson to meet with destiny once again.   Democrat Attorney Ryan Ryder of Black Hawk, SD has filed a statement of candidacy to run for the US House with the Federal Elections Commission this afternoon:

Ryder had formerly ran for the State Senate in 2018 against Republican Phil Jensen, where he lost 38 – 62%. And again in 2020 against Republican David Johnson where he lost 32-68% (I sense a trend).

If this is a serious effort, Ryder has to collect 1,615 valid signatures and turn them into the Secretary of State’s office before March 29th… which given the success of prior Democrat candidates, that may be a more difficult task than he thinks.

And even if he reaches that hurdle, he then has to run against Dusty Johnson, who has the best ground game in politics in South Dakota at the moment.  That’s going to be even tougher.

9 thoughts on “Unsuccessful 2018 & 2020 Dem candidate gearing up to be unsuccessful against Dusty Johnson for Congress”

  1. What you don’t understand is how appreciative
    minority voters are to have someone for whom to vote. It matters. It’s better than staying home or holding your nose.
    You haven’t done it and until you do you should show some respect

  2. He has to get a minimum of 50 signatures a day for the next 32 days, no way we will see him on the ballot. Dusty 2022!

  3. His committee name is quite a mouthful: “Committee to elect Ryan Ryder to US House”. That name alone tells you he’s not a pro.

  4. Ha ha……if you replace the names above with Al Novstrop and Cory Heidelberger it’s almost the same. Guess the libs/socialists are consistent!!

  5. Former Air Force officer and Pennington County deputy state’s attorney Ryan Ryder…

    (Fixed that for you, Pat.)

    Ryan has dedicated his life to public service and has done more for others than most of you will ever dream of doing. He will lose this election, of course, but he deserves your respect.

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