Top Political Stories of 2018- #8 President Trump Visits South Dakota

#8 President Trump Visits South Dakota

With South Dakota’s status as a sparsely populated state, we don’t get a lot of presidential visits. It was a solitary visit from the previous inhabitant of the White House.  So when President Trump visited our state this past September, it was and remains a big deal.

In addition to meeting with dignitaries, President Trump participated in a fundraiser in support of Kristi Noem’s campaign for Governor. The visit left no doubt of his support for Kristi Noem, and helped to energize the GOP base as the campaign moved into the fall.

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  1. I agree this is top ten worthy—it took Obama until year 8 to visit.

    Plus politics aside anytime the President comes to our state should be news.

    1. I wish Obama hadn’t come; to me it’s not an honor to have the president visit when the president is a socialist drip and is stumping for another socialist drip.

      1. Obama didn’t stump for another candidate. He came to give a speech at LATI graduation. While on the other hand DJT came to campaign. If you are going to complain about presidents coming to campaign, make sure it’s directed at the right president.

        1. because Obama couldn’t get elected to pick up sh*t in this state—there are reasons Sutton didn’t bring any national Democrats in…they would have ALL lost him votes….who could he have brought in that would have gained him votes….

          Bernie or Hillary…I think not!

    2. It was a big deal. I dont think most of us commoners ever thought the race was so tight and that Trump was so needed. We all thought his appearance was icing on the 65-35 win that wasn’t.

  2. Curious when the Noem campaign will reimburse the City of Sioux Falls for the $20,000 in the expenses for her campaign for SD Governor fundraiser with President Trump attending.

    1. You don’t understand how campaign finance works. You don’t give money away.

  3. Trump’s rallies are visits. This wasn’t a “visit”; it was a fundraising stop. No aspect of this was open to the public.

      1. #whatever

        She along with all the candidates have done hundreds of events open to the public…..go to any fair and most of them where there at some point; all the Lincoln day dinners, published and unpublished schedules of events were plentiful…parades galore….what I love about our state is you CAN meet the Gvernor , a US Senator, the Attorney General, Treasurer, Auditor, PUC, Sec of State, etc

        1. How much will it cost for us to talk to Kristi about state related concerns? What will be the going rate after she is sworn into office for Governor?

          1. Wah, wah, wah; what would have been the going rate of Billie Boy Sutton; would his wife have set the fees?

          2. you can go to many events to meet her or others…but it takes more effort than being a keyboard hero

      2. I personally put notices in the county newspaper, which were almost always published on the front page above the fold, of public visits by statewide as well as local candidates. These events were held in cafes and were open to the public at no charge. We were lucky if two or three people showed up.

        It’s not the candidates who don’t show up for public events.

        1. Scheduling at during normal hours, like 10am on a weekday is the fault of the candidate. Some of us have jobs.

          1. again –fairs, parades, Lincoln day dinners, bus tours, etc…if you can’t find her or any of the other candidates you are not trying very hard….

            Oh no one event in your area was at 10AM…but others managed to come and she didn’t check with her…how inconsiderate of her (mass amounts of sarcasm)

  4. Any South Dakotan literally had hundreds of opportunities to meet her/voice their concerns during the roughly 2 years she was running for the position. If you don’t like her politics, fine, but enough with the “inaccessible” talking point. If you didn’t meet her or Larry during the campaign, that’s on you.

    1. AMEN!

      I was able to approach her and many of the candidates many times and ask a question or give comment.

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