Top Political Stories of 2018 – #7 Jason Ravnsborg outmaneuvers them all.

#7 Jason Ravnsborg outmaneuvers them all.

Jason Ravnsborg’s story wasn’t a quick occurrence like the president’s visit. Think of it as a long game of survivor where he outlasted, out-campaigned, outworked, and outwitted his opponents at every turn.

Having been a fixture at Republican events statewide for many months, Ravensborg’s entry into the 2018 contest was certainly not a surprise. But what quickly surprised all of his opponents was how deft and tenacious a campaigner he proved to be.

While his opponents attempted to split up the pond of State’s Attorneys to seek endorsements, Ravnsborg – a Lt. Col. In the Army Reserves – instead quietly went to the pond of County Sheriffs, and outfished them all.

Similarly, while his opponents dawdled and dismissed him, Ravnsborg worked the delegates. He didn’t win them all by any means, but his hard word was second to none. By the time you saw his opponents once, you’d already seen Ravnsborg ten times. And that was before the nominating convention.

As his Republican opponents schemed to join forces to take him out, their heavy-handed tactics sealed the deal only against themselves, nearly delivering Ravnsborg the vote on the first ballot. Once it was down to a single opponent, it was done, and he won with authority.

In the fall portion of the election, his Democrat opponent Randy Seiler was equally dismissive of Ravnsborg, literally duplicating the tactics that were employed against Jason in the primary.  Ravnsborg did the same as before – going about the business of campaigning and working hard.

When the two met head to head in their one and only faceoff, Ravnsborg stunned his opponent and literally stripped the bark off of Seiler, damning him with his stated positions. From there, Ranvsborg pressed an offensive on tv in commercials, and Seiler was never able to recover.

Ravnsborg’s victory was anything but a flash in the pan event. It was a long-sought and long-fought effort across two years’ time. A good lesson for candidates.

14 thoughts on “Top Political Stories of 2018 – #7 Jason Ravnsborg outmaneuvers them all.”

  1. He was the hardest working candidate bar none. It is funny that the guy who holds himself out as the smartest person in the room, Randy, ran the same campaign with the same results as the other two. Great job Jason! It’s also entertaining to see him keep Charlie, a former opponent, bring along decades of legal experience and still have people whine. Get over it.

    1. I like that Ravnsborg kept McGuigan. I like that Marty did the same. I think it is very smart on both their parts 9 years apart.

  2. Great work Jason! I’ve heard he and his transition team are hard at it in the AGs office, and apparently his DCI Director has been well accepted in his role!

  3. I think that Jason definitely out-worked the other candidates both in the primary and in the general, and I think that he is going to do a great job as our AG.

  4. I’m happy for Jason. It shows that if you want something bad enough, and put in the time, you can achieve it. He lacks experience, but seems to have kept some on staff. Seems like a lot of folks don’t like him, but I’m rooting for him.

    1. From what I have read, saw and heard he is an attorney of nearly 20 years…the lacking experience thing is a joke and a weak attempt to discredit him yet as was proven in the convention and general.

      Plus what I really liked was that the guy has backbone, to stand up and take on presumptive probation which needs to be repealed. All the experts who were running weren’t as bold as he was on that issue.

      I think we will be in good hands.

    2. I think SOME don’t like him as he didn’t follow the traditional path of being in the AG’s office or picked by States Attorneys….he went to the party and the people and law enforcement with his message, which are the ones that elected him by a wide margin.

      I guess I look at the fact he is surrounding himself with a good team of people in and out of the office and I too like another commenter like that he kept Charlie McGuigan on even though they ran against each other…shows they are both professional. I also lie his agenda and doing what he said he would do in the campaign (it should not be refreshing but it is now a days).


  5. Good recap of how Jason beat Fitzgerald and Russell, then moved on to trounce seiler. I guess all those lies from his apppoonents didn’t work.
    I am sure Fitzgerald and Russell are still eating humble pie after getting walloped.

  6. I liked Mr. Ravnsborg from the start. With his military background, he’s had miles more experience managing large operations than any AG in memory. And he’s shown he’s happy to surround himself with high-character people of varying backgrounds. He’ll do well.

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