Van Diepen Announces Run for State House

Van Diepen Announces Run for State House

Kevin Van Diepen announces today that he will be run for the open South Dakota House of Representatives seat for District 22.  Kevin is a lifelong South Dakota resident and a resident of District 22 since 1985.  He is married to his wife of 35 years, Amy, and has one adult child.

Kevin has served the Huron Police Department for the past 35 years and has been the Chief of Police of the past six years.  He will retire in April.  He has served as a patrol officer, drug task for officer, patrol sergeant, and patrol captain.  He is active in the Chief of Police Association and served the past two years on their legislative committee.

“Public safety is a big part of my life. I also believe in the freedoms that we can afford our citizens as a result of the professionalism and dedication of our public safety officers,” Kevin stated in making the announcement. “I truly believe that South Dakota is a great place to live and raise a family, and if given the opportunity to be elected to the South Dakota House of Representatives, I will work hard to make sure that our citizens can continue to enjoy our way of life.”

District 22 consists of Beadle, Spink and western Clark County.  The primary election is June, 2024.


12 thoughts on “Van Diepen Announces Run for State House”

    1. grudznick thinks this fellow is a handsome devil. Not like Mr. Russell is a handsome devil, but pretty good being from Huron.

  1. I think Kevin has a pretty good resume and don’t understand why he felt he should highlight how long he has lived in the state, the district, and how long he has been married to his wife. What do these things have to do with your ability to represent District 22

  2. Kevin’s a top shelf candidate, as a Republican and even better, as a human being. The knocks against him in other posts are actually strengths — no flash, no self-regard, just quiet doggedness and fairness in his longtime role in public safety. He’ll make a great legislator.

    P.S. District 22 residents like his shirt and tie just fine.

  3. Great candidate from Huron. Public safety will be a top issue and you can’t argue with his credentials.

  4. Huron and District 22 have become very diverse in its’ population and is hanging on economically by adjusting to the new realities of living in rural South Dakota. Fair and equitable enforcement of the law is very important to keep the fabric of the community together. Respect for each resident and their rights have been maintained by Mr. Van Diepen. He has important experience to bring to Pierre.

  5. Kevin’s belief in protecting FREEDOM for the citizenry cannot be understated.
    Love it that he is running for this office.

  6. He looks like a very stereotypical SD GOP candidate, doesn’t he? It is like AI created the photo.

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