Watch the video that earned “Sticky Tom” Pischke the boot from the House Floor

In case you wanted to watch for yourself, here’s the video from South Dakota Public Broadcasting where you can watch Tom Pischke coming in, and putting the bottle of syrup on Representative Conzet’s desk. (Start about 2:20:00):

So, Pischke brings it in, hidden behind a piece of paper, and then looks around to see if anyone caught him in the act.

But of course, as opposed to the reaction he received, getting kicked off the House floor and admonished by the Speaker, Sticky Tom was “expecting her to be filled with gratitude.”

But then again, most people who drop off gifts don’t have to hide them.

4 thoughts on “Watch the video that earned “Sticky Tom” Pischke the boot from the House Floor”

  1. 2:56 tells you who thought it was funny, but it looks as if these guys are still in middle school. Pischke May and Duetsch all just laughing so much. They make it loook like they are actually in middle school, except for the gray hair…

  2. Not the type to stick up for Tom, but it is rather funny that those insulted by a bottle of syrup will be voting for a rapist, fraud, and liar.

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