“Sticky Tom” Pischke mansplains non-apology to Representative; “I was expecting her to be filled with gratitude.”

The Dakota Scout has a story up regarding Senator “Sticky Tom” Pischke over the action that caused the Speaker of the House to ban him from the floor and lobby of the State House of Representatives in the waning days of the 2024 session. And it probably contains the most non-apology I think I’ve ever read.

Sen. Tom Pischke of Dell Rapids has been barred from the chambers of the state House of Representatives by Speaker Hugh Bartels for allegedly violating Legislative code of conduct standards Monday.


In a text message sent to The Scout, Pischke admitted leaving a bottle of syrup – Mrs. Butterworth’s brand – on Conzet’s desk inside the state House, but said he did not anticipate the backlash. He’s since issued an apology to Conzet.

“I was expecting her (Conzet) to be filled with gratitude,” Pischke said. “I’m wondering if the Speaker is jealous that he didn’t receive a bottle, too, and that’s his justification for this.”

Read that here.

Wow. Just wow.

It is me, or is Tom not expecting to be back next year?

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