10 thoughts on “Welcome to the new reality. Pop up clinics for pot.”

  1. And yet they wonder why the MJ initiative lost this year… when head shops opened up on every street and blow-up blunts are advertising … yeah, time to quit that nonsense. Deliver to the nursing homes or have a hospice certification – make it seem legit, at least.

  2. Been happening for quite a while now. Weed isn’t going anywhere, we can make money on it or we can lose money on it. In fact it’s cheaper and more plentiful now than it ever has been. Yay war on drugs?

  3. I’d say people are going to smoke weed regardless, at least have a traceable system in place where we can see who is buying and how much. So let them get their med card, at least we will know who.

  4. The biggest and most important thing that needs to be tackled relative to this subject is identifying an intoxication threshold in which driving under the influence of marijuana would be illegal. .08 BAC was hugely important for DUIs and the consumption of alcohol, and some equivalent needs to be determined for marijuana usage. The way the present law is currently written is way too vague, but let’s not kid ourselves, marijuana usage can impair safe driving.

  5. In around 2007 I rented a small space next to a pot shop in Nogales, MX. They had stacks upon stacks of various designed pots made South of the border. During my time working that close to the border, I learned that there is an underground (literally) war raging between Federal agents and cartels. Some of the confrontations are cat and mouse, but some do get violent. Our shop was around 1000 feet from the port of entry on the US side. We sold high end BMX bicycle parts (BMX is big and getting bigger in Mexico especially among rural farmer communities as far South as Obregon (that I have visited). It’s beautiful country with amazing people and the best food in the world despite it’s being embroiled in a conflict fomented through the region’s communist proxies (presumed).

    I like the privacy provisions of the cannabis roll-out, but realize law enforcement would very much like to vet the quality of the database and the medical certifications therein. I don’t have a card, but I do have three qualifying medical conditions (none of which are cognitive 🙂 .

    But that’s the wrong fight.

    Here is a better use of the resources in my opinion.

    After recognizing RF waves as real world things that can move from place to place, a whole new type of enforcement should commence based on property rights and conservatism. Another person is not allowed to put something real and measurable into my home without my permission.

    We need cover fire and protection by law enforcement against big tech slamming in dangerous carcinogenic war theater recon gear.

    Both of these things are better uses of law enforcement resources. Cannabis is just a distraction that creates an unnecessary reason for friction between residents and law enforcement. I thought Meade County Sheriff Elect Pat West did a reasonable job here in Spearfish and I appreciated speaking with him despite our opposition on on the issue.

    Probably thousands of better uses of time than rousting cannabis folks.

  6. $25.00 for a script or bring a friend and get 50% off? Read a few of the stoner forums and even they admit what a joke it all is and list what they need to say to get legal access. After they get their card they go back to their black market dealer.

    Meanwhile among REAL medical professionals at REAL medical facilities they are seeing a rise in Cannabis related Psychosis. Some being permanent. All kept quiet and never mentioned by stoners.

    1. Of course they won’t mention it, except to whine about how now they’re addicted to drugs and it’s society’s fault and we all need to chip in to pay for their addiction treatment.

    2. Ah, yes, the cannabis psychosis, was this the same psychosis they reported in reefer madness in 1936? It is amazing, almost 100 years later and we still have these same claims, and still no evidence. I bet its the “deep state” hiding the evidence, hope you are all happy overdosing on a marijuana people. Only Fred Deutsch can save us now.

  7. Of all the problems in the state and the country, you dinosaurs choose this…

    it would be funnier if it was so sad at the same time…

  8. It seems to me like an example of capitalism working within the regulations. Maybe we should praise these adaptive entrepreneurs?

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