What were your thoughts on last night’s debate?

I doubt there are many people who watched it who don’t have an opinion on last night’s debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden. As I don’t think there are many people who would disagree that the debate was combative. It was much less a debate than a donnybrook.

But it seems to me that Moderator Chris Wallace let Biden off the hook several times in responding to even his own questions, much less those of President Trump. I think it was a fairly legitimate question as to whether he would attempt to pack the US Supreme Court. And that fairly important question was allowed to pass unanswered.

Let’s have it – what was your take on what took place?

21 thoughts on “What were your thoughts on last night’s debate?”

  1. President Trump clearly won, but had two opportunities to improve.

    1 – he was too nice
    2 – he was impatient

    But then, it’s understandable that, when your opponent floats verifiable lies as his initial, foundational premises, it makes sense to obfuscate the rest of the argument to disrupt transmission.

    So, he was probably just too nice.

    Will Joe Biden really be printed on the ballots?

    Amazing ..

    This Democratic “strategy” has a classic satanic architecture as I understand it.

    The thing plays-out like the ritualistic sacrifice of an old white man to usher in the first female POTUS on the 100th anniversary of suffrage.

    It might be the right time, but Harris is not the right candidate; representative of most women, not just the chemically insane minority.

  2. It was an embarrassment on both sides. A public dumpster fire. We can do better than those two clowns.

    1. Actually, President Trump has accomplished a lot of great, pro-America things in his tenure, and he could have done more if he had had more support from the Republicans in DC and had not been attacked daily by the media and the left.

      Now, I can get behind Biden being a clown; the way he looked down and smiled his evil smile and chuckled all the time, that was annoying.

  3. I think President Trump should have focused more on what he has accomplished, and highlighted it with getting it done going against a 100 mph headwind every day-courtesy of the so-called media and DC Demos-he would have made more points with those who are undecided.

    Biden did his insane chuckling and his idiotic, “C’mon, man” schtick so much that he looked like the swamp-dweller he has been for 47 years.

  4. In these comments:

    Trump’s true believers: TRUMP CLEARLY WON. JOE SLEEPY. JOE BAD.
    Biden’s church of truth members: BIDEN WON. TRUMP LIES. TRUMP INTERRUPTS.

    Everyone else: this is seriously the best we can do as a nation? A senile guy and a narcissistic sociopath?

  5. Since I knew nothing that could have happened would have impacted my vote (which is really irrelevant given the supermajority of South Dakota voters who support Trump it doesn’t matter whether I vote or not or who I vote for, my neighbors are giving my 3 electoral.votes to Trump), I didn’t waste my time watching it.

  6. All I saw was a president who didn’t denounce white supremacy and told the Proud Boys to stand back and stand by. Trump looked like a rambling fool.

    1. He has done it many, many times, but Trump-haters such as yourself have selective hearing. Biden has never denounced Antifa and he has not fully condemned the rioting and terrorist activity that has been going on in numerous Demo-run cities.

      Biden looked like the corrupt old man that he is.

      1. Funny. Biden literally condemned the rioting and the violence in the debate. He said it multiple times when Trump kept rambling. Trump wouldn’t condemn white supremacy when he was flat out asked to. He even told the Proud Boys to stand by and they are now grabbing that as marching orders. Even Fox News said he completely missed the softball question and no one can understand why. The Whitehouse and DHS just said last week that white supremacy groups are our biggest domestic threat as they are given a stage to grow and be heard. Trump acted like a clown.

        1. Mike Rounds didn’t even know why Trump didn’t denounce them. At least our senators understand that the far left and far right are not to be trusted or supported.

  7. Trump blew it period. Three questions quietly asked of Biden would have sealed the deal with no interruptions.
    1: Where did the $10 Trillion go you and Obama blew?
    2: What happened to the Ukraine investigator you threatened who was about to investigate your son?
    3: Were you in the room when Obama agreed to have the FBI unfurl the Russia Hoax against me?
    Smearing anyone with their own slime never washes off well.

    1. Biden responded to all of that by saying “it’s not true” so i don’t think it would’ve made any difference. The difficultly in politics today is that truth is entirely subjective and malleable to one’s own narrative. The left loves to talk about the need for “fact checkers” but Biden was spewing so many falsehoods and being enabled by Chris Wallace that Trump was left with little choice but to create chaos.

      1. Victimhood. It’s president Trump’s motto that his supporters parrot. Take Trump out of the debate, and it would have been 100x more respectful. Trump brings chaos to everything. All he did was talk out of turn. He has to shout people down.

  8. Ah, so you drink the Koolaid; therefore, nothing you say is of any value to intelligent, reasonable people.

  9. On Substance: Trump gets a B. He used real information to talk about the economy, Covid, law and order (things that matter). His lack of clarity on White Supremacy equaled Biden’s on BLM/Antifa. Biden gets a F. His only matter of substance he said is he isn’t Trump.

    On Strategy. Trump gets a C. Trump’s strategy was to dominate him. I’m assuming there was a co-strategy to get Biden to make gaffes by dominating him. Unfortunately, Trump removed the noose right before Biden made the gaffe. If there was this such a strategy, it also affects the execution grade. Biden gets an A. His strategy was to present he is the nicer guy and not Trump.

    On Execution: Biden gets a D. Whatever point he made, he made them better. However, he failed to execute on the strategy by his petty “Cmon man” stuff. Trump gets an F. At least three times, Biden was about to hang himself and Trump removed the noose by interrupting.

    Overall, I slightly give the nod to Trump because over time substance matters. But, it was a big lost opportunity. He could have finished this race last night.

  10. as a people, since we vote, we always get the president we deserve, both the good and the bad. if trump loses and america puts biden in as president, the people who desert trump will rue the choice later, but they wil deserve whatever biden’s term does to them.

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