White House twitter gives recognition to Congressman Dusty Johnson for his comments

So much for claims of not working with President Trump, as the White House is giving a nice shout out to Congressman Dusty Johnson this afternoon:

7 thoughts on “White House twitter gives recognition to Congressman Dusty Johnson for his comments”

  1. This helps put Neal’s concerns to rest. Dusty is a great congressman, and Neal should be proud that he has helped keep Dusty accountable.

    1. (I don’t want to vote for either of these guys)

      Let’s say Tapio runs again.

      Let’s say Dusty wins.

      But let’s also say Tapio keeps his 24% (I don’t see why they leave) and adds another 20% of Krebs.

      Let’s say some people who voted Dusty are unhappy.

      If Tapio runs and only gets 15% of Krebs support he still is around 40% which means a sizable segment of the primary electorate is not thrilled with Dusty. I’m not sure winning 60% to 40% is a good thing for Dusty as it will have a skeptical lingering effect on his reputation with primary voters for future races with contested primaries .

      It is also worth noting that this is a presidential year and Trump voters will be more engaged than they were two years ago. You can bet they want a wall. You can bet they want to blow up the system.

      Either way if I was Dusty I would not want a fire breathing insurgent candidate that would take 35%-45% of the gop primary from me in a year he should have a coronation.

      Republican Dusty Johnson 47,032 46.8
      Republican Shantel Krebs 29,442 29.2
      Republican Neal Tapio 23,980 24.0
      TOTAL VOTES 100,454

      If Kristi is polling at 49% then i bet dusty is in the mid 50’s. But i wonder where he is with gop primary voters. In that instance i wonder if the numbers aren’t reversed.

      1. Dusty has polling.

        It shows him running much stronger than that with Republican primary voters.

        1. Dusty has numbers, great numbers, amazing numbers. No, you can’t see his numbers but, trust me, they’re HUGE.

  2. Does anybody have a schedule of town hall meetings now that are Congressional delegation is home for 6 weeks?

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