Adelstein who currently runs 3 PAC’s, sends letter from his PAC criticizing Kristi Noem for taking PAC money.

Interesting. Stan Adelstein, who is continuing his streak of supporting Democrats for Governor, sent out a letter  critical of Republican candidate for Governor Kristi Noem for taking PAC money:

But in an amazing lack of self-awareness, the letter complaining about PACs….is coming from a PAC:

And it’s coming from a man who currently funds 3 political action committees which he funnels money through (A Better South Dakota PAC, All South Dakota PAC, and now the Stan for Billie PAC). And he’s notoriously been the primary source of income for other PAC’s in the past.

In fact, Adelstein’s name is so associated with PAC’s that the mainstream media have written about it…

Like many candidates, Duniphan put a substantial amount of her own money into her campaign, providing $4,800 to it. But of the $14,925 of direct contributions from supporters this year, she received $9,000 from two political action committees that are self-financed by Sen. Stan Adelstein, R-Rapid City.


This activity is nothing new for Adelstein. He’s established many PACs through the years, routing money to candidates and other PACs and causes. He’s been the pioneer in what might be called personal or boutique PACs.

Read that here from 2010.

Many years ago now, we’d taken to referring to him with the nickname “PACaStan,” for his affinity to using personal PACs to go around campaign finance limits.

So, why does Adelstein have such a beef with Kristi Noem?  I suspect it goes back to when she first ran for office.  Back in 2006, Kristi was a new candidate for office, and a PAC funded by Stan Adelstein (or should I say an Adelstein funded PAC which funded a second PAC) named “Rapid City Action Committee” was supporting Rapid City candidates… and candidates from outside Rapid City:

Why did the PAC send Kristi money?  There was a radio program in Watertown shortly thereafter (June 6, 2006) where Adelstein called in, and PAC-splained, as I reported back when:

I’ve gotten a couple reports from the field this morning that State Senator Stan Adelstein didn’t take too kindly to being cast as the villan on KWAT’s What’s Up Program yesterday in Watertown. So this morning, The Adelstein Struck Back after yesterday’s installment of Stan Wars.

One listener e-mailed me and noted:

I was listening to the local news- top of the hour I caught the tail end of a story about Adelstein/Shoenbeck and the PAC money thing. It had Adelstein on the story talking very hot about his right to give money to people who would be his vision of a Republican, doing things the way he wants the Republican party to be (not infusing religious doctrine and forcing women to do things – or something like that, I’m paraphrasing much of this). He sounded very hot and not happy with Lee.

Another listener chimed in and also noted:

He also – in the same interview – criticizes “one church” trying to enact its theology in law.

So, in one interview, it appears that Senator Adelstein manages to confirm that:

  • Everything that Senator Schoenbeck said appeared to be true about him funding races in the district.
  • He’s spending his money on those that fit his vision of being a Republican.
  • He wants them to do things to promote the way he wants the Republican party to be.
  • To the casual listener, he seemed angry about the whole thing.
  • And he was said to throw in a little religious criticism of a church for good measure.

Read that over at SDWC Classic.

So, Adelstein was sending checks around and was demanding that these candidates do things the way he wants the Republican party to be.   But, if you look at the difference between Kristi’s record, and Adelstein’s record, she didn’t.

In fact, her record could probably be called the antithesis of Adelstein’s record.

And here we are 12 years later. The person who didn’t follow his agenda & do what he wanted is set to become South Dakota’s next Governor.  So, what’s the person who Bob Mercer referred to as “the pioneer in …. personal or boutique PACs” to do when faced with the person who didn’t do what he wanted?  Form yet another PAC, and spend his money & run against her.

Of course, the problem for Adelstein attacking her over PAC money now, and questioning “what will these PACs.. expect to receive for their donations,”  he can answer that question for himself from pure experience.

What can PACs expect to receive from Kristi for their donations?  Not a damn thing.

And that might explain why he’s back PACing once again.

6 Replies to “Adelstein who currently runs 3 PAC’s, sends letter from his PAC criticizing Kristi Noem for taking PAC money.”

    1. Anonymous

      You can’t run as a Republican if you supported Hillary. You would have no credibility, as you will have shown yourself to be a left-wing nut.

  1. Anonymous

    He’s damn lost his mind. At 87, I can only concur this is revenge/jealousy related. Alot of energy he’s expending into this race. I was going to say at the expense of his own reputation but I’ve heard it’s not that great to begin with. None the less he’s earned a definite RINO crown openly campaigning and funding a D.

  2. Anonymous

    He is only a republican on paper. He’s always been a liberal. Just a little nuttier now. Sutton is a democrat for a reason, which is why the old man backs him.


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